Reporter who exposed BBC pedophilia cover-up suddenly dies at 52

The courageous BBC reporter who exposed one of the largest pedophile scandals in the history of the world has died at the age of 52

Courageous investigative journalist and ex-BBC News correspondent Liz MacKean, 52, who exposed infamous pedophile Jimmy Saville – and ultimately resigned in 2013 over the BBC’s decision to refuse to air her investigation into Saville – has died after suffering a stroke.

Only in 2016 did her investigative work exposing Saville’s rampant molestation of children see the light of day on the BBC, featured as Abused: The Untold Story.

While it was an open secret within the UK corridors of power, it was not yet public knowledge that Saville was a serial child molester, thus MacKean’s investigative work on Saville’s abuse of children would have blown the doors off the UK’s power elite’s dirty secret.

Via Free Thought Project

Featured Image: James Cridland/Flickr