AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Infowars reporters Lee Ann McAdoo and David Knight questioned on the Nightly News Wednesday, if Facebook could be suppressing or spiking posts using “algorithms” to possibly sway the outcome of the upcoming Presidential General Election.

During the segment McAdoo explained how Facebook has been caught removing “anti-Hillary Clinton” posts under their “terms of service,” but will not take down the “Assassinate Donald Trump page” in contrast.

McAdoo also said that Facebook made the “Black Lives Matter movement trend by inserting it into the news feed, because it wasn’t trending” prior.

David Knight made a point during the broadcast and said that Facebook can “spike it” and use their algorithm to control the flow of information. Knight said, even though it’s a robot doing this, it can still help “control the narrative.”

Facebook remains one of the top referrers of news on the web.