Residents of Ferguson prepare ‘to catch bodies’ *Explicit*


“We don’t shoot at shooting range. We shoot at real targets, bodies”, said one African-American resident, taking the recent KKK threats seriously.

By Shepard Ambellas

(Video Source: News2Share/YouTube)

FERGUSON, Mo. (INTELLIHUB.COM) — The message is clear, they are “prepared to fight”, according to a recent report by Trey Yingst, News2Share.

“The KKK is sad. They want to come up here with their bullshit. We own this shit. We not doin’ no fakin’ […] We ain’t playin’ with y’all man. We ain’t fucked up about catchin’ no bodies. We ain’t fucked up about this murder shit. Y’all know that shit. […] This is the murder capitol of the world. You fuck around, you going get fucked around”, said another resident wielding a handgun on camera.

“Come on KKK. Please come on, we’ve been waiting on this.

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