(INTELLIHUB) — Son of the maker of the Lear Jet and retired pilot John Lear appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show Wednesday, where he told Shep that he was once shot down while delivering ammunition the U.S. troops occupying the front line during the Vietnam War.

The highly-decorated former pilot said he was flying a DHC-6 Twin Otter when the aircraft took damage to the starboard side engine form gunfire.

“We were carrying ammunition to the forward troops,” he explained. “There were six loads in the back and each one had a parachute, what we call a G-7, and we could fly over where they were stationed at about four-hundred to five-hundred feet and drop, push, the chute out and the guy who did that we called the kicker.”

John Lear

“We were doing that in this one place […] in central Laos and the guy on the ground said be careful because the enemy is right to the north so make a quick left turn after you drop and apparently, I was the co-pilot, but the pilot didn’t hear him say turn to the left quickly so we didn’t turn quick enough and they hosed down the airplane and knocked out the right engine and actually they hit the fuel supply when they hit the right wing and the fuel kept dumping out into the air stream and because of the airflow around the airplane the fuel went around the back and came back in the cargo door and the entire airplane was filled with gasoline fumes,” Lear continued. “So, we had one engine out so we headed towards a friendly strip.

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Lear and the crew ended up landing safely.

You can listen to the entire broadcast here.


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