Update 2/7/2016 – In the last day even higher quality footage of the funeral has been uploaded to the internet including the following video which gives a great overall representation of the service.

“The Last Ride Of A Patriotic Cowboy”

KANAB, Utah. (INTELLIHUB) — Upwards of a thousand people packed a small Mormon church in the tiny western town of Kanab Friday to honor the late Robert, “LaVoy” Finicum who became widely known after becoming the de facto spokesmen for the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Mourners and patriots from across the country came in pickups flying American flags as well as on horseback to honor a man who truly was a real American cowboy.

The open casket funeral included the fitting words “One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom” on the inside of the lid, with an American flag sprawled across the chest of the man killed by authorities under circumstances that almost conclusively point to murder.


Footage of the funeral, taken by numerous patriots and reporters who attended, showed rows of mourners on horseback to honor the fallen patriot.

Although most of the day was focused on honoring the life of LaVoy Finicum, the lawyer representing the family did speak to a reporter on scene about the independent autopsy that was taken, noting that it will be released after the feds release theirs.

He also spoke about the families call for a truly independent investigation into his killing.

As we wrote shortly after his horrific shooting death, “Robert, “LaVoy” Finicum was a lot of things – American patriot, rancher, loving father, grandfather, and husband – but he was absolutely not a terrorist. One does not have to support the exact actions of the man to be honest about who he actually was.”

Does this look like a terrorist to you?

LaVoy Finicum

Intellihub sends our condolences to Finicum’s extended family as well as the families of those sitting in a Portland jail cell facing years in prison for what started as a legitimate protest against federal government overreach and ended in a horrific death on an Oregon highway.

Moving forward it is of the utmost importance that Americans across the country honor Finicum by never forgetting the real reasons the standoff in Oregon actually occurred.

The tyranny inflicted on the Hammond family and other ranchers across the west is what brought LaVoy to Burns, Oregon and it is up to the alternative media and patriots across the country to continue to expose this tyranny as we know the compliant mainstream media will do nothing of the sort.

R.I.P. Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

Images: Finicum Family Facebook