Roadside Radiation Detectors To Blanket U.S. Soon

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
July 6, 2011

DHS is gearing up with just about every terror gadget and detection system possible to protect us from a pretty much nonexistent threat in the United States.

Now they are testing roadside radiation trackers and sporting event radiation trackers in the next phase to screen the populace.

An article excerpt from Emergency Management reads;

While crowds filled the stands to watch the Belmont Stakes races in New York in mid-June, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) worked with police from Nassau and Suffolk counties to explore concepts of operation for three experimental next-generation radiation detection systems.

The prototype systems are designed to indentify and precisely locate sources of radiation.

Two of the prototypes were stand-off radiation detection systems (SORDS), and the other was a roadside tracker. SORDS consist of detection equipment placed in a truck and on a trailer that were driven around the facility to search for stationary sources.

The roadside tracker consists of two trailers placed opposite each other that would scan for sources of radiation as vehicles moved between them. SORDS are designed to detect a millicurie of radiation — which is equivalent to one millionth the radiation used to treat cancer — from 100 meters and determine its location within 10 meters both horizontally and vertically. The roadside tracker can detect a millicurie of radiation across five lanes of traffic in a vehicle traveling up to 70 mph.

As if terrorists even have access to any nuclear materials and would randomly be driving around with such material.

The amount of money spent on such measures is clearly a waste.

Pretty much the only way a terrorist could get such a nuclear devise is if a government (U.S.) actually supplied it to them.

What’s next on the agenda for DHS? One can only imagine.

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