“The future of law enforcement”

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (INTELLIHUB) — Multilingual robotic cops will patrol the streets of Dubai later this year and will be well-equipped to take reports of crime from the general public through a touchscreen interface mounted on the bot’s chest.

The inspiration for such a police officer likely came from the 1987 film “RoboCop” in which a previously deceased officer was brought back to life cybernetically and reinstated to the force. However, things took a twist after the synthetic started to recall previous memories of his family after interacting with them in his new robotic form.

“Part man, part machine, all cop,” the film slogan reads.

“The future of law enforcement.”

According to the film’s plot, the cybernetic officer’s prime directives are to:

1: Serve the public’s trust
2: Protect the innocent
3: Uphold the law

robocop prime directives
Screen capture via Orion Pictures “RoboCop” (1987)

Although the robotic cops that will be policing Dubai are generations less advanced than the fictional version, the concept is the same and may later lead to new advancements in policing down the road.

The Dubai police force expects that 25% of their officers will be robotic by the year 2030.

Do you think robotic cops pose a danger to the community?

Featured Image: JD Hancock/Flickr
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