Roger Stone possible victim of second assassination attempt after hit and run


Stone is also currently under attack by Soros led operatives

(INTELLIHUB) — Trump adviser and longtime Republican operative Roger Stone was involved in a T-bone car accident Wednesday that may have been the second attempt on his life in the last two months.

Stone, who is currently under deep state attack with Soros fingerprints all over it, told the Alex Jones Show that the crash didn’t seem like an accident and that he was alright despite suffering blurred vision in his right eye that had previously been operated on.

“Air bags saved me from serious injury,” Stone wrote on Twitter before his appearance on the popular radio show where he provided more details on the possible assassination attempt.

“My car was T-boned by a car coming out of nowhere, the windshield was so darkly tinted you could not see who was inside the car,” Stone revealed on the radio show before describing how the vehicle then preceded to take off in a classic hit and run scenario.

Shockingly, this possible assassination attempt comes on the heels of Stone being literally poisoned with polonium in January in what many believe was a direct attempt on his life.

As I wrote at the time, “Appearing on the Alex Jones Show, Stone detailed this unbelievable assassination attempt, including that he had originally thought that he had a simple stomach virus before becoming extremely ill.

“I became extremely ill, this manifested itself in over 14 days of high fevers, delirium, night sweats, I had lesions on my chest and my face. I had extreme diarrhea, I had vomiting that could not be stopped with medication. I became exceedingly dehydrated and ultimately had to be hydrated with IV and saline injections,” Stone shockingly revealed.

After going through an extensive series of tests with multiple doctors in Florida, Stone was told that he was literally poisoned.

Stone continued, “The general consensus is that I was poisoned. I was poisoned with a substance that may have been Polonium or had the characteristics of Polonium. This made me exceedingly ill.”

Remember, globalist shills such as John McCain are openly calling for Stone to appear before Congress and now he has been the victim of a possible second attempt on his life.

“They have poisoned me, they have smeared me, and now someone in a car has tried to kill me,” Stone continued.

Featured Image: The Alex Jones Channel – YouTube
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