Royal College of Nursing chief exec admits “they didn’t infect enough people” with COVID-19

Chief Secretary Royal College of Nursing Donna Kinnair essentially admits the government would have liked to see more COVID infections among the population


MARYLEBONE, London (INTELLIHUB) — Chief Secretary Royal College of Nursing Donna Kinnair appeared on a BBC News segment last week where she had a slip of the tongue accidentally announcing how the Government of the United Kingdom may have planned on infecting a whole lot more people with COVID-19 and may have failed at doing so.

In reference to lifting the lockdowns during the broadcast, Kinnair let the cat out of the bag per se when she said: “We know that we haven’t infected enough of the population with this so for any lifting of any lockdown to be successful we need not only to be able to test healthcare workers but also to track and trace patients or people–not just patients in the hospital but people outside the hospital or people that are coming into the hospital for various other reasons.”

Is this the reason why governments worldwide appear to be buying more time as makeshift triage facilities, hospitals, and sports stadiums remain empty with virtually no patients? Why do they continue to gear up? What could be so dire? Could there another event or natural disaster that’s coming? Did they fail to inform the general public? Maybe the answer to these questions lies somewhere within the testing.

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Maybe governments around the world were planning on more people being infected by this stage. Maybe the numbers did not reach their expectations–bringing me to my next point.

Do you remember the tainted test kits? The ones that actually gave testees the coronavirus. Do you also remember the ones that give false positives to keep the asymptomatic narrative going?

The kits were tainted with COVID-19

Intellihub’s Lexi Morgan reported in an early April piece titled Take COVID-19 test in U.K. and catch the virus: Testing kits laced with deadly pathogen that “test kits in the United Kingdom were found to be tainted with the actual SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pathogen which causes the deadly COVID-19 disease as the culling of the masses is being carried out on a worldwide scale.”

It appears the Government of the U.K. may have been intending to infect people through testing but it may not have taken hold as they expected. This failure may have then left the door open for the U.S. government and other governments to also issue patients false-positive results and quarantine people on an asymptomatic level. (i.e. leaving it open for anyone to be detained whether they are displaying symptoms or not)

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The Intellihub report titled Claim: COVID tests give “false-positive” results, may be part of a bigger plan reveals that U.S.-based testing kits could be giving false-positives.

Investigative journalist Dean Ryan claims that a pharma company with operations in California has been manufacturing Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests that are set up to provide a false-positive result. (i.e. Subjects who take the test will test positive for COVID-19)

“We can now figure out here why there are so many positive tests around the world,” Ryan explained. “I have a mole inside there [NeoGenomics] who is now telling his own family, friends, and cohorts not to take the tests and when they asked why he said that they are making the test at… NeoGeonomics to be false-positive.”

“They are purposefully making false-positive tests,” Ryan said. “This is a plan-demic political bioweapon which they are using to take the republic and the American people down.”

Now isn’t that just peachy? What will they think of next?

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