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(INTELLIHUB) — I am tired of people like Rush Limbaugh and others telling the general public that the coronavirus is virtually harmless and is nothing more than the “common cold.”

Experts have already stated on record that SARS-CoV-2 is, in fact, a bioweapon.

Here is Dr. Drew Pinsky on Daily Blast LIVE acting like he knows something about the pathogen.

During the broadcast, the fired-up doctor said that the media needs to “shut up” and stop “reporting medical stories” or he won’t know how to tell if a pandemic is coming.

For your information doctor, there are over 90 bombshell coronavirus-related reports posted on the main page of I suggest you read them. It could save your life in the very near future. As for Limbaugh, I offer no advice as he is already suffering from a terminal disease.

What we know

One thing we do know for sure is that Chinese citizens are being welded into their apartment buildings and left to die. It has happened on many occasions and is not fake news.

Moreover, entire highrises sealed up by Chinese authorities have been lit on fire and burned to the ground with residents inside.

China burns…

Where there is smoke there’s fire.

We know that the Chinese government and the government, the government of Iran and the U.S. government have all directly lied to their citizens and have drastically under-reported the situation and number of deaths.

We know that the kill rate of the pathogen is admittedly 18.2% using official numbers from Iran which we know have been held extremely low.

Mainstream even admits the kill rate in Iran is “15%.”

We know that the Chinese government is treating infected humans and those suspected of being infected as if they are considered a biohazard. Humans are being bagged and burned alive.

In Iran workers wearing masks and personal protective equipment were filmed burying the infected in a residential neighborhood. Look at how they handle the dead. Do you still think it is just the “common cold” like El Rushbo claims?

More were buried in anonymous locations.

Mass graves are being prepared.

Will the contagion reach the water table?

In both China and Iran you can be told that you have the virus and be taken to a camp.

Don’t think that the same will not happen in America because it will. Martial law plans are already underway. In fact, President Trump even admitted during a White House press conference on Thursday that quarantining entire U.S. cities is not off the table.

Just think, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 3,583 points after plummeting for three straight days and is expected to dive again upon opening on Monday, depending on which news you subscribe to.

To top it all off over 1,100 Chinese nationals have been apprehended entering the U.S. over the past few months. Some of which are expected to have fled Wuhan before the initial flight restrictions were put into place following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Additionally, we know the pathogen is more dangerous than the flu or common cold because entire countries are being sprayed down with disinfectant at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars a day.

Amid the chaos, masks are in short supply.

Masks are also in short supply in America and the U.S. government has not even placed an order yet.

Over 1 billion people in China remain on lockdown and are under “wartime” orders.

Checkpoints are set up in every country, city, and town in which the virus is clustering making the escape from the city impossible.

I don’t see any Democrats in Washington speaking up about all the snatch and grabs going on.

This is also happening in America. The CDC and U.S. military call it “contact tracing.”

Twenty-five people were quarantined in Barcelona, Spain after a supermarket cashier was thought to have been infected with the deadly agent known as COVID-19.

In Spain…

Twitter user @alvertoas Tweeted: “Video of how they picked up the infected woman from Barcelona, have quarantined the 25 people around them. Everything is controlled until the supermarket cashier catches the virus.”

Happening in Iran…

From Twitter user @alvertoas: “Tonight Protestants in Iran set fire to the Tohid Bandar Abbas clinic where patients with Coronavirus cause quarantine.”

And somehow, just somehow, both Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Drew missed it all. 


Still, think it’s just the cold?

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