Rush Limbaugh receives “white trash” birthday cake from staffers while on air

"What are those black olives on there? ... I like the colors on that."

Staffers of radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh presented the political pundit with a “white trash” birthday cake on Friday, one day ahead of his 68th birthday.

Although it’s not really known what a “white trash cake” is, the full of himself mouthpiece said that it is “a popular term” in which the staff uses often.

After Limbaugh was presented with the cake the following dialogue ensued between the radio talk show host and a female staffer.

Rush: What is that? What is that supposed to be?

Staffer: It’s a white trash cake but it has black balloons.

Rush: By the way, white trash cake is a popular term here that we use — it does not denote racial connotations at all.

Rush made a similar reference in 2013 which can be found posted on his official website.

RUSH: I just knew it. Ah, jeez. I was hoping to escape it. In the middle of the show open, the highly overrated staff walks in with a birthday cake, and those of you watching on the Dittocam can see it. It’s a gorgeous cake. It’s an absolutely beautiful cake. It’s a white cake. Is it what we call “white trash cake”?


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