Russia had advanced knowledge of last’s week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria: Sr. U.S. officials

Russia may have had a hand in the recent Syrian chemical attack on civilians, officials warn

(INTELLIHUB) — In an attempt to further grease the gears of war mainstream press outlets are reporting that Russia was “complicit” in last Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack in Syria.

According to circling reports, two senior U.S. Air Force commanders who met at the Pentagon Friday determined that the Russians know more about the chemical attack then they are saying.

“The Russians knew in advance that the Syrians were going to carry out this chemical weapons strike that left dozens and dozens of people dead, including women and children,” Fox News’ Shepard Smith said Monday.

“This sound like the Russians were complicit in many ways,” the anchor told reporter Jennifer Griffin who was reporting live from the Pentagon.

“It’s notable Shep that this information is coming out of Washington on the eve of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Moscow,” Griffin said.

Additionally, Smith reported that a “Russian drone” flew over the exact hospital where victims of the chemical attack were taken just hours before a “Russian jet bombed the hospital” in what U.S. officials say may be an attempted cover-up of chemical weaponry.

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