Russia Today’s ‘propagandist agenda’ exposed by former employee on CNN following her resignation

Newscaster Liz Wahl resigns from RT today, later calling the network out on CNN

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — Russia Today (RT) newscaster Liz Wahl resigned on-air today, saying her final words to the audience, only to later appear on a CNN broadcast with Anderson Cooper.

Likely her resignation comes as no surprise to some as the entire network is Russian state sponsored.

“The propagandist nature of RT came out today in full-force”, said Wahl in a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, who was questioning Wahl on why she quit RT Wednesday.

Cooper went on to ask Wahl how it works at RT (behind the scenes) and interestingly with no delay, Wahl then started talking about RT’s management and how “it’s about promoting a Putinist agenda, and I can tell you first-hand, it’s also about bashing America.

Wahl also pointed out how a portion of her interview with Ron Paul was cut-out of an RT broadcast Wednesday.

“I would hope as a reporter you will always speak the truth”, said Wahl.