Russian cosmonaut films ‘flat’ moon from ISS which also looks like a ‘hologram’

A shocking video captured by a cosmonaut aboard the International Space Station reveals there may be more to the moon than people think


Russian Space Agency Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergey Kud-Sverchkov captured a video from the Internal Space Station on Tuesday that appears to show the moon flatten out and fade away into the darkness like a hologram.

The video footage is astonishing, to say the least, and may offer some insight to those seeking knowledge about our universe.

The phenomenon was also captured in May of 2010 by Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi while he was aboard the ISS and is reportedly caused by an atmospheric condition.

“In May 2010, Soichi was on the International Space Station, and was seeing the Moon through the thickest part of the Earth’s atmosphere. Under those circumstances the air acts like a lens, bending the light from the Moon, squashing it down — I’ve posted images like this before but I have never seen it squished to this degree,” Discover Magazine reported in a September 2012 article titled The Moon is Flat. “You can also see the change in color from the bottom to the top; it’s redder at the bottom. The more air you look through, the more junk (particles, smog, and so on) there is, and this stuff tends to scatter bluer light — think of it like bumpers in a pinball game bouncing the ball around, changing its path. In this case, the blue light from the Moon gets scattered away, and only the redder light gets through — that’s the same reason the setting Sun can look red.”

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Discover Magazine

However, another moon phenomenon captured by astronomers dubbed the “lunar wave” could play into the ‘hologram’ theory.

Now and then a wave-like pattern can be seen sweeping the surface of the moon in one general direction and swipe almost as if a screen or holographic projection is being reset. This phenomenon has been documented by many astronomers.


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