Russian diplomat stabbed near embassy in Canada

A Canadian military employee was arrested, naked and covered in blood, after a Russian diplomat was stabbed near an embassy in Ottawa

By John Vibes

OTTAWA (INTELLIHUB) — Police are refusing to release any information about a man that was arrested in connection with the stabbing of a Russian diplomat, outside of the Russian embassy in Canada.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development John Baird, said that although the military police were initially called, that the crime fell under the jurisdiction of the local police.

“We’re obviously deeply, deeply disturbed by reports and our department has been in touch with the Russian Embassy, Baird said Friday afternoon. “Thus far, we have nothing to indicate this was anything to do with being politically motivated, a politically motivated incident in nature.”

Baird said Canada’s relationship with Russia will not be a factor in the investigation.

“Obviously we have important responsibilities under the Vienna Convention, to work to keep missions and foreign personnel safe. We take that very, very seriously and in no way, shape or form the challenging period in our current relationship should not come into it,” he said.

The police are insisting that this is a random isolated incident that is totally unrelated to the current politics between Russia and the west, however, they are not releasing any details about the suspect or a potential motive.

Sources told the Citizen a man pulled a knife on the diplomat and started to slash him, forcing him to flee to the lobby of the apartment building, where he was found by police and paramedics.

According to those sources, officers went into the apartment building to find an employee of the Canadian military naked in bed with blood on him and a knife lying on the ground.  However, this report has not been officially confirmed.  Police have said that they will not be releasing any official information until Friday.

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