Russian hackers can kill your Internet — then the FBI can seize your web domain

It looks like the Democrats are painting a rather interesting picture when it comes to all things Russian, it looks as if they plan to sellout the American people in what can only be considered an all out power-play orchestrated by deep state vipers running the show


(INTELLIHUB) — Not only do you have to worry about emerging threats from rogue Russian hackers who can shut down your Internet — you may also have to worry the FBI claiming you were hacked by the Russians, in what appears to be the deep state’s latest last-ditch effort to derail the Trump train and belittle those who support him.

According to a new report out of the Independent: “Russian hackers have infected more than half a million routers across 54 countries with sophisticated malware that contains a killswitch to instantly cut internet access to users, security researchers have revealed.”

To make matters worse, the hack allows attackers to monitor the Internet activities of anyone who has been using an infected router allowing the attacker to gain access to the target’s private information.

To no surprise, such an attack would then grant the FBI the authorization needed for the agency to seize the web domain(s) deemed to have been compromised by Russian cyber-criminals.

The plan plays perfectly to the tune that Democrats in Washington love. The very same tune that newsrooms across the country use to script scores of endless fake news narratives pertaining to the discredited Russian collusion investigation. You see — there is a far bigger picture being painted here and it’s not a good one.