A friend of the Bundy family, a little Russian guy who lives in the area, recently took a major stand for our freedoms here in America, risking his own life

By Staff Writer

BUNKERVILLE (INTELLIHUB) — Ryan Bundy, the son of Rancher Cliven, let loose on camera recently, detailing some of the events that took place on Apr. 12, when the BLM sent in armed agents as aggressors to seize the Bundy’s cattle.

Shockingly during the interview, Ryan explained to a small group gathered nearby how BLM agents mostly singled out Bundy family members that day, affixing their weapon sights directly at them. “They figured if they could take out the Bundys they could take out the whole movement […] every person at that line was a brave person”, said Ryan, continuing on to tell a heartfelt story about a single Russian immigrant who was also at the armed standoff, taking a stand for freedom.

Starting at the 14:18 mark in the video Ryan explains:

“I haven’t seen him around here much the last few days, I guess he shies away from crowds a bit. But there is a little Russian guy that lives around here. Quite honestly I don’t really know where he lives […] but he has been a friend of my family for a long time. Now he was up there on that front line. Now remember he’s from Russia”, Ryan said.

“He was on the ground with an American flag and he was moving forward, and when the horses come to stop at the line, he didn’t stop. And when my brother said to come back, he says, no, I left Russia, this is not Russia and I am not going to live like this anymore. If I have to die to bring this movement about so be it. That Russian guy was as brave as any man I’ve ever seen.”, Ryan continued telling the story about the Russian man, gathering applause from the crowd.

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