Russian Troops Arriving in Ukraine to Battle Protesters


1400 Russian troops to handle social unrest in Ukraine

By John Vibes

UKRAINE (INTELLIHUB) — As the protests and uprisings in Ukraine continue to grow, the government is outsourcing troops from Russia to help put down protesters.

“There is information that at 1400 Russian Spetznaz troops were disembarking at [Kyiv local airports] Boryspil and Zhulyany dressed in civilian clothing and that they were going to dress in [Ukrainian riot plice] Berkut uniforms and proceed to the Madan” Rada deputy Andriy Parybiy, of the Batkivshchyna Party said at a recent press conference.[1]

Government agents in Ukraine have had trouble contending with the the large numbers of protesters and have been resorting to the most brutal tactics in some cases. As we reported earlier this week protesters have been kidnapped from the hospital and taken into the woods where they are tortured and executed.[2]

The protests began a few months ago as a resistance to trade agreements that would tie the country even closer to the European union, but now they have grown into a full scale revolution.


Despite an offer to release activists and stop more persecutions, the government continued a crackdown, with over 40 detained in the central city of Cherkasy after a protest, according to CBS news.[3] Today it was confirmed that protesters in Kiev seized the Justice Ministry building where they set up barricades after forcing the police into retreat.


Sources: [1] Regarding Russian Troops arriving in Ukraine [2] Confirmed: Protesters in Ukraine Kidnapped From Hospitals And Executed – Intellihub [3] As Ukraine protests grow, slain demonstrators mourned – CBS News


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  • maxxxem

    They were getting way out of control their.

  • Ezra Pound

    More NATO propaganda from “JG Vibes” (whose real name is probably Schmuley Bagelbaum or something along those lines.) These are not “protesters” folks! They are a well-funded, highly-militarized, NATO/US State Department-backed 4th generation warfare army. The Zionist/USG regime is trying to use terrorism (“protests”) in order to force regime change in Ukraine – just like they tried to do in Syria – in order to bring Ukraine into the NATO/EU Ponzi scheme. DON’T BELIEVE INTELLHUB PROPAGANDA FOLKS! JG Vibes is a liar and a propagandist.

  • Jo Jim

    O yeah Mr. Shiller? Read this article on BusinessInsider: “Ukrainian Journalist Explains 10 Things The West Needs To Know About The Situation In Kiev”

    Whether or not TPTB in the west are trying to take over the protests and are successful in doing so, is another matter entirely.

  • Nate

    Do you know how retarded you people sound when you spew these incredibly far fetched conspiracy theories? Give me a break and go read some more misinformation based propaganda.

  • TPaign

    Ezra, I see you’re still as disturbed as you were before WWII. I guess detention in Bethesda didn’t cure your mental illness. Didn’t you once say “A slave is someone who waits for someone else to set him free?” These protesters are not waiting. They are taking action, and risking their own lives and well being, for the sake of self-rule and western values.
    Funny how, yet again, Ezra Pound sides with the politics of fascism and conspiracy lunatics.

  • Стив

    I live here in Kiev which is correctly spelled Kyiv. Your head is so FAR up your lower back side as to be embarrassing to the U.S. that people like you exist. And of course you had to immediately get to anti-Semantic comments which immediately decreases the veracity of your comments.

    While I have my “issues” with Intel Hub reporting late dated news your comments are simply idiotic.

    U haven’t a clue to what is going on. So try

    It is the only English language news in the Ukraine so why don’t you get educated and then ask why the MSM in your country doesn’t quote it nor Intel Hub quote it.

    If you are an example of what the West has to offer I can only surmise that Western IQ has declined to less than that of a rock. Or as you Americans say lower than Whale Poop.

  • reinhold

    Russia-Ukraine Alliance Da! EU/NATO Nyet ! There will be peace and prosperity in the middle east and everywhere else when Jews are expelled. To understand the cause for continual global war, occupation and oppression read: “A Short History of the Balfour Declaration.”

    The USSA of World Jewry plan to cross Syria and on to Iran in order to establish the nightmare of Greater Israel. The Russian-Ukraine Alliance will crush EU/NATO. This happy circumstance will ruin World Jewry. For this reason desperate measures have been undertaken.

    To establish a Free World: Arrest, Abolish and Exterminate the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud.

    Defend the synagogues of satan at your peril.

  • Golly Gee

    I smell BS & mind control propaganda, soon as i read police are kidnapping protestors & torturing them in the woods i knew it was another fake atrocity story, and who is always behind fake atrocity stories ? Why the same “people” who have pledged to make war on us by deception no less …

  • Ezra Pound

    What is REALLY hilarious about your comment is that you call ME a fascist when in point of fact the entire fake “Ukrainian” “protest”/terrorization campaign is fronted by a group called “Ukraine Right Sector” – an overtly fascist, “nationalist” gang of Nazi-like thugs! Cheers, friend! You just proved that you don’t even know what is going on in Ukraine! Are you a Jew or a US government employee? Or both?

  • Ezra Pound

    What do you find far-fetched about my comment? Please elaborate and I will try to address your criticisms/concerns.

  • SS-The Independent

    Jo Jim: ‘ businessinsider ‘ you say ?! Ha-ha-ha…Do you have any idea WHO is behind that site ? Joe Weisenthal was on ‘ Keiser Report ‘ ( Max Keiser ). Not anymore…Do you know WHY ?!…Joe W. & Co. support the…’ Tribe’s doctrine ‘ and the ‘ Federal Reserve ‘ ( FIAT currency; gold is no money, etc. ). Since Dec. 1913 ( see ‘ The Creature from Jekyll Island ‘, by G. Edward Griffin ), when the ‘ fed, res. ‘ was born in sin ( only Congress shall ‘…coin Money and regulate value thereof ” ), the Dollar lost 96% of value !!! The national public debt is over 17 trillion ( see ‘ ‘ live )…The Country is bankrupt, Jo Jim and you have no clue what is really going on !

  • SS-The Independent

    It looks like ‘ the ministry of truth ‘ don’t agree with my comments…Yep…’ freedom of speech ‘ and ‘ democracy ‘ – Western style, to be imposed in Ucraina, like in Libya, Syria, former Jugoslavia, Iran ( 1953 – Mosadeq coup d’etat by CIA ), Iraq, Afganistan and all over the World !

  • May Jones

    They actually WANT ‘western values’ – that really is desperate, we will soon have less freedom than Russians!!

  • bob

    you are an idiot, you should open your eyes. There is no conspiracy here, only people fighting for their freedom.

  • ukrainian

    agree, it’s propaganda; the whole protest is a rise of the Ukrainian Nazis

  • Flowers

    100% utter B.S.

  • Armageddon

    Yes, there is a conspiracy. Open YOUR eyes.

  • Fil

    I know people like you by the ton!

    They are all old fashioned Russians psychologicaly weak that need a “strong” leader feeding them with imperialistic dreams so they can feel a little better… Or simple delusional lazy Westerners that never knew what is hard life, are spoiled by their parents and lack in self motivation to do something for themselves, to find a place in society, than they make themselves believe all kinds of conspiracies so they can have something to blame for their failures but themselves.
    Get a job and grow up!

  • Fil

    Don’t waste your time and energy commenting on such people.

    Some spoiled kids just need to grow up and leave their parents house, and stop using all kinds of conspiracy theories that serves them as an excuse to not get a job and integrate in society.

    Unfortunately the west has some of those that only grow when parents kick them out.

  • advocate

    Yanukovych is Putin’s poodle.

  • Стив

    And why Herr pound do you pick and choose the comments you respond to instead of the ones that call into question your veracity, anti-Semantic comments, and the links people give to prove you wrong? Hmm imagine that. Only avoiding what destroys your argument.

    So Herr pound while others may respectively disagree with you can you in fact address their disagreement with facts and not anti-Semantic comments? Especially paying attention to those of us that live in Kyiv, Ukraine and know that you do not, thus far, know of what you speak.

  • Ezra Pound

    Go home Jew.

  • Ezra Pound

    Are you a Jew or a USG employee? Or both?

  • dvimes

    Oh, so is everyone who disagrees with you either a Jew or a government employee? Your comments are completely idiotic; of course people will disagree with them. The protesters are a “highly militarized army”? Bullshit. They’re throwing rocks and Molotov Cocktails for fuck’s sake. And they’re real people, too–hundreds of thousands of real people.

    And tell me, why does someone’s religion matter? Are you just one of those retards who thinks the J00z are evil? Pull your head out of your goddamn ass, will you? You’re embarrassing us.

  • ALski

    What a stupid lying article! With a picture of green trees in the middle of January! Come on, guys!

  • robert scott

    Is the Cold War coming back??!!!

  • Thulsa Doom

    From the US to Russia, kick those damn jews out! The vice is beginning to close on the Zionists. In the US we don’t care about what you do to the Ukraine we only know it means a hell of alot to jews- so kick them the hell out of the Ukraine when you take over. Please Mr. Putin, by all means save civilization from these jewish sociopaths.

  • I was in Russia

    The EU, NATO used the bad leadership of Yanukovych, to deliver in the government of his people. Putin against the government of Ukraine who has come, not by the choice of the people of the whole country.

  • Sid

    Please don’t take this as a representation of the US. What Ezra is spouting completely insane.