Ryan Bundy explains ‘statehood,’ says federal government has to “purchase” the land

Tyrannical U.S. Government trying to illegally claim Oregon ranch land

PRINCETON, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — Ryan Bundy filled in some of the missing details which the corporate controlled media has more than likely purposely omitted when he appeared on a radio talk show late Wednesday night.

“Let’s go through a few things first of all,” Ryan Bundy told the host.

Bundy than referenced the 9th and 10th Amendment and “Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17, of the United States Constitution [which] lays out the ten-mile square which shall be for the seat of government which we all understand that to be Washington D.C. […] It says they can have like authority over all districts, or all places, that are purchased, okay.”

“So if they want to own land within an admitted State of the Union they have to get the State Legislature’s consent and they have to purchase it from the rightful owner.”

“Then here’s the clincher,” Bundy said.

“That land can only be used for military bases, arsenals, dock yards, magazines, and other […] buildings. Five purposes–four of which are military purposes. […] So constitutionally that’s the only land that can be federally owned. […] It’s all unconstitutional. They don’t have any authority to own or control.”

Territories are a little different Bundy explained, “We never give them the power tho retain those lands, we only give them power to dispose of land. They have to dispose of the land” and they do it through statehood.

“The ultimate tool of disposal is statehood.”

“If we the people do not put a stop to this kind of action from the big federal government, then who is? These state and county governments have failed to protect this family and so it falls to the people to protect them and that is why we are here. If we do not check this then this will become a liken manner–what they will continue to do to more people across America.”

“We can’t be ignorant and expect to be free,” Bundy said.

“We need support here. […] We need more people on the ground.”

If you haven’t heard my interview with Ryan Bundy please listen to it now. In it Bundy said Dwight Hammond was threatened by the government.

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