Sail Boston 2017 regatta prioritized by DHS as high-risk event, SEAR-1, equivalent to Super Bowl

DHS concludes Boston Harbor to be a terror risk June 17-22 during the Sail Boston 2017 regatta

(INTELLIHUB) — 6000 designated safety personnel will secure the Sail Boston 2017 regatta where more than 55 tall ships will sail into the Harbor this Saturday.

The 5-day event has been been assigned a special event assessment rating of 1 (SEAR 1), the highest level of event security assigned by the Department of Homeland Security, equivalent to an event such as the Super Bowl.

Since 2009 event security has nearly quadrupled in scope as over 3 million sailing enthusiasts are expected to attend.

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Tall Ships event in Boston Harbor is assigned highest security risk — Boston Globe