(INTELLIHUB) — Earth changes have been ramping up over the past week, seismic zones have been coming alive, causing alarm in the research and preparedness community. Now some are worried, Yellowstone may go.

One Yellowstone researcher warns:

[…] volcanic activity all over the planet is rising.  38 volcanoes are erupting at the moment, and it seems like we hear about another new eruption almost every day now.

But let us hope that Yellowstone does not erupt any time soon.

There are approximately 3,000 earthquakes in the area around Yellowstone every single year, so it is a very seismically active region.  In the event of a full-scale eruption of Yellowstone, virtually the entire northwest United States will be completely destroyed.  Basically everything within a 100 mile radius would be immediately killed, Salt Lake City would literally be toast, and almost everyone and everything in Denver would be dead in short order.

Further away, volcanic ash would rain down continually for weeks.  Those foolish enough to step outside would quickly discover that the ash turns into a substance similar to cement in the lungs, and many would die from suffocation.

Additionally, a FEMA official has already warned, “everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.”

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