According to a report by Tina Burgess, a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims mother was allowed to see the inside of the school days after the bloody massacre that was reported to have taken 26 lives by a lone psychotic gunman named Adam Lanza.

Scarlett Lewis

By Shepard Ambellas
January 27, 2013

NEWTOWN — Scarlett Lewis, the mother of Sandy Hook shooting victim Jessie Lewis, might be able to shed some information on exactly what the crime scene looked like days after the grim massacre took place after she was apparently let back into the crime scene and allowed to view the interior of the school as recommended by a grief councilor.

However, the report doesn’t detail how or who gave her access to the school, the report by Tina Burgess reads;

After a Sandy Hook grief counselor told Scarlett Lewis that “Native Americans consider the place where the dead are slain to be sacred ground,” Scarlett Lewis went on Christmas Day to the place where her son had died. She went to Jesse’s Sandy Hook Elementary School classroom.

“I went because Jesse lived that. He was there. I wanted to honor him and be at the place where he lost his life. … It was devastating, the destruction and damage. I’ve been going to that school for 12 years.

The front doors and the side glass were completely blown out and gone and covered with plywood, but you knew what was under it. … And then, the first two classrooms were completely gone. The windows were all blown out.

The only other family who had been there was Miss Soto’s family. [Victoria Soto was Jesse’s teacher]. … So we took a piece of glass because there was glass scattered all over and we had a little ceremony. We said we’re going to carry around a piece of glass and we’re going to remember Jesse’s bravery.”

“Whenever we feel like we can’t do something, we’re going to think about our piece of glass and think about what Jesse did running into harm’s way.”

What stands out about this report (and is questionable), is the fact that no broken glass has ever been revealed either in front of Sandy Hook Elementary by the classrooms where the shooting took place nor on the inner courtyard on any video footage including aerial chopper footage released as depicted by the eyewitness.

However, it has come out in reports that the shooter shot his way into the school through the glass on the front door.

It is also key to mention that the Soto family was the only other family reported to have seen inside the school.

This matter still remains under open investigation by staff. Please send any tips and information to:


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