Sandy Hook School Shooting Audio May Have Holes (Audio Included)

Staff Writer | December 4, 2013

In what is likely once again another staged spectacle to capture the attention of the sheep, newly released police audio tapes give feelings of disbelief.

Sandy HookNEWTOWN, CT (INTELLIHUB) — Alleged 911 audio recordings from last years tragic Sandy Hook school shooting were released publicly Wednesday by the Newtown Police Dept. upon orders from a judge. 

The recordings are now being talked about on virtually every T.V. news network in America, bringing some back in time to last December.

However, some like YouTuber Montagraph, are up in arms with the recordings, claiming they just don’t add up. One small detail may be missing.

In the video produced by Montagraph, he describes how police were already dispatched on the “3rd or 4th call” in the audio sequence, continuing on to point out that no police sirens were heard in the 6th call despite the callers admission of being inside the school corridor.

Montagraph explains that in the 6th call you would have likely heard police sirens as officials had plenty of time to respond.


It is 2.6 miles from the Newtown Police Dept. to the Sandy Hook Elementary School which will take 6 minutes under normal driving conditions according to Google maps. And likely that would certainly be cut in half if the police were pressed to get to the scene quickly.

Later in the video Montagraph points out how “there was a program that was called Echelon […] Every square inch of the United States and all over the world is being recorded by satellites and can be recalled at any time”, Montagraph stated, continuing on to ask — why doesn’t someone, i.e. the government, recall it? Basically throwing it out that the technology exists to get to the bottom of this mystery, however it likely will never be utilized in that capacity.