Sandy Hook Shooters Described by Officials as ‘Members of the Clergy’

The Sandy Hook investigation gets even deeper as new evidence has no surfaced that the corporate controlled traitor media (including CNN’s host Anderson Cooper) still refuses to cover.

By Shepard Ambellas with Contributions from Jason Bermas
January 15, 2013

NEWTOWN — It turns out everything has been reporting about the involvement of multiple shooters disguised as “nuns” has come to pass as the situation gets even grimmer.

It has now been brought to our attention that the shooters were identified by authorities as being dressed like members of the clergy, ‘definitely dressed in black clothing’ according to officials.

The following is a transcript of the above video:

  • 0:0:1 – clergy
  • 0:34 – that he was defiantly dressed in black
  • 0:38 – there is just as a member of the clergy
  • 0:41 – the actually they thought he was a minister
  • 1:43 – there was a masked man that just started shooting started shooting
  • 1:51 – I don’t know how he got in
  • 1:52 – every time you come you have to ring a bell from the office
  • 1:54 – I don’t know who let him in if it’s somebody they knew

Possible nun outfits discarded near passenger side of car which is registered to Christopher Rodia

Another analysis reveals that there were possibly 2 nun outfits were discarded at the scene of the crime. The video also shows why the shooters chose to enter the school from the location they did as they were possibly impervious to some cameras and the classrooms from that vantage point.

The two nuns that were actually on scene were in my opinion planted as a diversion if for instance official police radio chatter audio was to surface identifying the shooters as possibly being disguised as nuns.

The nuns looked rather official wearing badges and all. However, local residents claim they have never seen such nuns or attire in any local church.

Lt, Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police was also somehow involved in the Active-Shooter segment that was taking place simultaneously with the realtime shooting as reported by in various reports.

Lt. Vance was Quoted saying,  “This is like an onion, we need to peel it back layer by layer. It’s a very painstaking, slow process to make sure that we accurately and completely not only examine the scenes, but look at the backgrounds of everything, everybody.”

There has been some evidence uncovered and some information uncovered that our investigators have been able to put their hands on.

I don’t have definitive information we’re ready to publicize at this point in the investigation.” The sheriff also admits a crisis team is at a nearby hospital.

Perhaps the most startling link to a possible shooter is the MailOnline report entitled, I was first to see the Sandy Hook carnage: British clergyman describes agony of comforting parents as they asked: ‘Where’s my child?’.

This clergy member claims to be first on scene, raising considerable suspicion or adding provided cover for a likely militarized operation to carry out a covert agenda against the American populace to take away our 2nd Amendment rights granted to us by the US Constitution.

The article except reads;

  • Rev Clive Calver went straight to the school after hearing of the shooting
  • He was with parents as they heard that their children were among the dead
  • He also held the funeral of only British victim six-year-old Dylan Hockley

A British clergyman has described how he was among the first on the scene of the Sandy Hook school shooting – and was with the families when they heard the news their children had died.

Rev Clive Calver, who was born in London but now leads the Walnut Hill Community Church, in Conneticut, took the funeral of Dylan Hockley, the six-year-old British boy who was killed when crazed gunman Adam Lanza went on a rampage which left 20 children and six teachers dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School,

Dylan, who suffered from autism, died cradled in the arms of his devoted special needs teacher Anne Marie Murphy who was also killed.

Wikipedia describes Clive Calver as;

Clive Calver (born 1949)[1] is an EvangelicalChristian leader, teacher, author and international speaker.[2][3][4] He is the senior pastor of Walnut Hill Community Church,Bethel, Connecticut. For seven years he was president of World Relief and he traveled around the world, ministering to the poor and networking with churches to follow after the teachings of Jesus Christ and bring help to those in need. Calver previously led the Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom and was a major spokesperson for Evangelicals on both sides of the Atlantic. It was during that time that Calver and his commentaries on current issues were featured often on the BBC. During the early 1970s, he founded and led the groundbreaking mission team “In the Name of Jesus” (ITNOJ), which included Graham KendrickStephen MaxtedSteve and Cathy Coupe and Rob Buckridge among its members. He also went on to lead British Youth for Christ, and was heavily involved in the Spring Harvest series of Christian Conferences. He has also appeared on ABC’s NightlineCNN, and National Public Radio. He has authored twenty books and has been published in many national and local print media. He married Ruth Kirby, daughter of Gilbert Kirby, the principal of London Bible College that both he and Ruth attended.

Calver appears to be an embedded member of the media and a possible government or CIA sponsored shill.

Another interesting aspect of the case is that Lauren Rousseau’s car was riddled with bullet holes that the media reports as assault rifle rounds being fired from inside the school.

However, the photos and images suggest that the bullet holes are pistol rounds signifying a possible gun battle taking place in the parking lot of the school.

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