Sandy Hook shooting ‘final report’ details no motive or any additional information


Strangely, the newly released “final report” sheds no light on what actually happened Dec. 14, 2012, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School

NEWTOWN, CT (INTELLIHUB) — In an epic display of investigative failure and likely trickery, the “final report” from the Sandy Hook school shooting was released Friday by Connecticut state officials, detailing absolutely no real motive or detail on the crime.

Strangely enough, the newly released report almost vindicates so-called “conspiracy theories”, which claim that the shooting was nothing more than a mock active-shooter drill utilizing crisis actors.

The state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection basically told the general public that the crime was too gruesome and that family members would be hurt if the details were indeed released publicly. Interestingly, large swaths of the report are missing, hiding the identities of the children killed supposedly to protect the families rights.

The New York Times reported:

In a letter accompanying the report, Reuben F. Bradford, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, said that the names and “contextually identifying information of involved children” were withheld, including descriptions of the children, their clothing and their belongings. He added that “all visual images depicting the deceased have been withheld, as well as written descriptions whose disclosure would be highly offensive to a reasonable person and would violate the constitutional rights of the families.”

Mr. Bradford said that balancing the “often competing interests of government transparency and individual privacy has been difficult.”


Even more interesting, is the fact that absolutely no motive has been officially published showing what actually drove Adam Lanza to carry out the bloody massacre last December. Although, new GPS  information allegedly shows that Lanza drove to the school one day before in what may have been a test run, it likely may be state sponsored propaganda proving nothing.

Another interesting detail concluded in the report was the fact that Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother, was indeed a volunteer at the school.

An excerpt from an NBC Bay Area article reads:

Among the documents included in the report released Friday was a note dated June 10, 1999, that appeared to confirm that the gunman’s mother Nancy Lanza had been a volunteer at the school.

“Dear Mrs. Lanza, thank you for being such a special volunteer. The children achieved a most successful year with the dedication from your active involvement,” the note read.

There had been much debate earlier in the investigation as to Nancy Lanza’s possible involvement with the school, whose officials denied reports that she had worked there.

Also included in the report’s documents was a statement that a relative of the Lanzas gave to FBI investigators after the shooting, regarding what the relative said was the gunman’s attitude toward his mother’s volunteer work.

While it’s likely that none of us will ever know for sure exactly what took place that day, we must keep pressing for more answers.

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