The satanic roots of feminism

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While there are many anti-feminist bloggers, “men’s rights” activists and talking heads continually chipping away at the chief idol of our time (equalism/egalitarianism), few are aware of the origins of “equalism” and its hideous spawn, the feminist movement as a planned, engineered, and strategically deployed offensive, not just targeting women, but the entire populace.  And while the planned aspect of feminism may come up in rare instances, even more rare is any mention of the deeper occult agenda that is at root Satanic.  In this article I will analyze the origins and usage of the movement, its connections and deployment, as well as the larger goal of feminism and equalist thought.

Modern conceptions of egalitarianism arise from philosophical presuppositions that emerged in the Enlightenment.  From medieval nominalism came the modern tradition that objects in the world did not actually possess “natures,” but rather the assigning of such metaphysical categories and “essences” was strictly a human conceptual framework.  Thus, human nature was not an actually existing ontological description of something in the world, but rather a linguistic symbol that corresponded to a mental picture the tabula rasa mind had recorded, as the British empiricists further teased out the implications of nominalism.  In their day, it was still common to think “man” designated one side of the gender spectrum, and “woman” another, but we can see the seeds of a revolution of thought to come across the entire spectrum, as all ontological “natures” would have to be tossed away.

I often mention the Enlightenment’s universalization of human reason, which is likely becoming a bore to regular readers, but let me assure you, as the writer, I am just as nauseated by these ridiculous philosophies, but they are the unquestionable foundations of the whole modern world that must fall away.  What is meant by the universalization of human reason is the change in western civilization’s perception of anthropology as regards human nature itself.  Since the West developed without the Eastern idea of man’s nous as a higher faculty of point of contact with God, the Augustinian replacement became man’s intellect and reason.  What was  in seed form in Augustine then became the norm in Descartes and the British Empiricists.  For early Augustine especially, reason was the ultimate path to God, as man’s mind was the mirror refraction of the ideas in the divine essence.  By believing, man could cleanse his mind of fixity on the temporal and transient, and wind his way towards the eternal good.  This is why Augustine’s City of God contains the same “cogito” argument Descartes later rewords.  It is also why in Soliloquies, young Augustine proposes a form of empirical idealism that Berkeley would later formulate.

In short, the trek of western thought follows the implications of Augustinian assumptions, varying only on which side of the theological dialectical dilemma one chooses: empiricism or rationalism, or even empirical idealism.   The rejection of the nous in western anthropology meant that the redefinition of human anthropology in Enlightenment thought could only be another form of dualism, where man is defined as a body and a soul, or in some kind of reductionism, where the soul is abandoned.  More radical materialists of that period had to keep somewhat silent, as rank materialism was still socially unacceptable and could lead to persecution.  Nevertheless, it was only a few generations later that the philosophes, Jacobins and Illuminists made it possible to publicly adhere to atheism and materialism.  The mind/body dualism that was so prevalent in the Enlightenment debates quickly caved to pragmatic materialism, as the scientific revolution brought empiricism to its pinnacle.  In this regard, the Grand Orient philosophes were more consistent with their philosophy than their Enlightenment forebears – if nature was only a linguistic and conceptual construct, then men and women only differed in their pipes and fixtures.  There was no “essence” of man or feminine “nature,” anymore than there were angels or demons.


It is not accidental that women’s suffrage and “women’s rights” began to appear around the same time, with people like Mary Wollstonecraft.  Although obviously not empirically true, the theory behind the emerging egalitarianism was still based on the jettisoned metaphysical assumptions of the universalization of human reason.  Since reason was man’s defining faculty, and women were also humans, all human beings must then also possess the same reasoning faculties and at least the same latent potential.  Since the individual person was simply the accumulation of recorded empirical impressions, as Hume would say, the equalists firmly held that all humans possessed the same latent potentiality, and could only differ based on adverse environmental factors.  Poverty, diet, lack of medical attention, etc., were thus proposed as the causes of human suffering and diversity of abilities, and therefore women were no different from men, aside from biological makeup and millennia of being repressed and oppressed.  As more and more radical forms of equalism and egalitarianism gained sway, Marxism and liberalism spread like a fire across the globe, as victimization and envy enabled women and minorities to more boldly declare all were equal.

Simultaneous with all of this was the rise of economic liberalism and the banking cartels that were the real functioning power behind the British Empire (see Dr. Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope).  The banking elite had long ago learned that predicting and controlling large social movements and trends had tremendous potential for mass social engineering, as well as collectivizing and transferring wealth.  By the 1960s, the entirely created and controlled “counter-culture” movements paved the way for the final collapse of the West into nascent socialism and communism.  Pioneered by the Royal and Fabian Societies, the re-engineering of man into the technocratic utopia could only be achieved through global crises and complimentary global order.  As the direct descendants of the Empire’s empirical tradition, the scientistic technocrats of the 20th century and today firmly believe and propagate the mythology that gender is not objectively real.  Since man is only a biological robot, it stands to reason that he can be reprogrammed to be whatever his overlords wish – man, woman, trans-whatever.  And since historically man tended to resist such tyrannical intrusions, the globalist technocrats have determined to rewrite man’s existence entirely through annihilation.

It is important not to think of this annihilation as some great, one-time cataclysmic apocalypse, but rather in the incremental approach of the Fabians.  Through a gradual alteration of all things the prior millennia considered “natural,” the socialist technocrats planned the slow inversion of the nature they professed to not believe in.  The plan became to subvert and invert all of man’s existence, so that man would get rid of himself.  Being firm believers in Darwinian theory, the planned inversion of nature would therefore weed out the less desirable, and a small minority of technocrats would then make the cut onto Noah’s Ark 2.0, passing into the future scientific utopia.  But rejecting the belief in nature, and in turn seeking to destroy it, would have untold consequences.  Those consequences are where we are living today: We are presently many decades into the initial phases of this “final revolution,” as Huxley called it, against man himself.  And one of the chief weapons of destruction against man in this war that has wreaked untold havoc within the last 50 years has been feminism.

Supported by both the Rockefellers and the CIA, feminism, being directly connected to Marxism, is at root Satanic.  The governing principle of classical Satanism has always been the principle of inversion.  The black magic belief is that power comes to the individual occultist through committing acts of inversion or rebellion that specifically defy the biblical God’s designs.  Thus, if God says not to murder, murder becomes a potential ritual act that stores up demonic energy for the committed practitioner.  The more serious the practitioner, the more serious the acts of defiance.  I speak here, not of pop Satanists and alienated youths, but of real, elite practitioners.  The long history of human pacts with devils, real witchcraft and ritual Satanism are all based around this fundamental principle of inversion.  While generally coming under the guise of promising liberty, freedom and power, the devil’s con is always the same – man ends up tricked into being a dupe, is used, or damages his own psyche, or at worst, possessed.

The rise of Wicca and various “new age” and “goddess” spiritualities is a manifestation of this same principle of opposition and defiance, with the grand objective of destroying man.  Clueless teens and yoga-obsessed yuppies now imbibe all manner of alternative spiritual practices, and such irrational, “feminine” spiritualities are often associated directly with feminist ideology.  The ignorant and uninformed mass generally do not have the reasoning faculties to discover where the funding for such “movements” come from, and if they did, most would not be able to discern the designed, strategic plan of feminism and equalism to wreck the existing order as an act of Satanic defiance.  For serious practitioners of black magic, the inversion of all order and promotion of mass sacrifice through abortion and destruction of the nuclear family is a ritual offering.  One can see this clearly in the recent exposure of Jimmy Savile and the scandal in Britain.  The endgame is an attempt to get rid of the chaff of the weaker, slave mentality herd-brain, and force a punctuated equilibrium of Darwinian evolutionary jump, leading to a select few Satanic technocrats continuing into the future.

The never-ending spew of “empowered” women and feminist harpies that chirp away on television and in the media are going to learn a hard lesson as the social order collapses.  All the promised glittery gowns and chocolate-covered feelgood pharma pills of the feminocracy they bought into (as men were also emasculated and poisoned by the toxic culture) will turn into ashes and feces.  The Satanic lie is meant for their very destruction, not for their empowerment, as no empowerment can come that is contrary to the natures God created.  Nature can only be transformed and deified by God, not annihilated and reformed through occult, human, or demonic energy.  Although I am a preterist in terms of the dating and exposition of the Apocalypse, we can certainly apply the spiritual principle of chapter 18 to the Babel we inhabit in modernity.  Babylon will fall, ultimately, because it is unnatural and its own worst enemy.

“7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, 10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.”

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