Saudi Flag Flown Higher Than American Flag At Colorado Elementary School

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
September 5, 2011

There has been cases in the past where the American flag has been disrespected — just as there will be cases in the future.

From flag burning protesters to random individuals flying the Mexican flag above the American flag on American soil, these demonstrations will surface from time to time.

In-fact, the corporate controlled network CNN reported that it is basically great to have the Mexican flag above the American flag and how it is not against the law.

However, it looks as if recently the desecration of society has reached new heights (on the flag pole that is).

Recently, an elementary school located in Colorado was found with the Saudi Arabian flag flying above the American flag.

The Fox News report read:

An elementary school in Colorado has come under criticism after they lowered the American flag and elevated a Saudi Arabian flag.

The principal at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins said they did not mean to disrespect the American flag, according to a report in the Greeley Gazzette.

Principal Brian Carpenter told the newspaper that the American flag was immediately returned to its proper and prominent position at the school.

He explained that other flags are posted around the school to recognize the nationalities of students from other countries.

I thought it was common knowledge that another countries flag would not be flown above the American flag, just as the flag should not touch the ground (this is basic knowledge). How could the principal claim such nonsense?

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is nearing, as reports that terrorists might use small planes to attack America in another desperate attempt to scare the populace.

Here comes the propaganda.