Saudis declare ‘war on ISIS’

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34 state Islamic military coalition declares ‘war on ISIS’

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New details confirm our reports of a ‘secret plan’ to deploy fresh boots on the ground in Iraq of upwards of 100,000 troops.

The international press reports Saudi Arabia is leading a newly formed 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said at a briefing in Paris on Tuesday, The new Islamic Military Coalition will share intelligence, as well as train, equip, and provide the troops necessary, to fight the Islamic State, a move welcomed by the United States.

When asked whether the Islamic Military Coalition could include troops on the ground al-Jubeir stated, quote,
“Nothing is off the table. It depends on the requests that come, it depends on the need and it depends on the willingness of countries to provide the support necessary.”

Last week Next News Network reported the then, secret plan to deploy 100,000 troops as detailed by an Iraqi politician who claimed Arizona Senator John McCain was a driving force behind the plan.

The McCain plan includes the deployment of 10,000 United States military forces, and upwards of 90,000 from the Islamic Military Coalition.


It is unclear, at the time of this report, whether or not Iraq supports the new coalition. Currently they are rejecting any coalition support from the United States and Britain.

Considering John McCain is a key player in this new coalition, and he wants to contribute 10,000 US forces to it, it’s unclear if Iraq, or President Obama, will permit a the deployment.

While President Obama has made same-sex marriage and restricting American’s second amendment rights his focus for the past several years, ISIS has grown four thousand four hundred percent.

Obama has repeatedly stated he will not deploy troops to the region. Even though he’s already approved the first 200.

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