School cop beat student for cutting in line, gave one child brain damage

By John Vibes | Free Thought Project

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — A school police officer was recently arrested after he was caught assaulting young children on security camera footage.

Jonathan Hardin was a school resource officer at Olmstead Academy North Middle School and is now facing multiple charges after it was discovered that he had been terrorizing children at the school.

Two separate incidents have been revealed by security camera footage. In one case, Hardin is seen punching a 13-year-old in the face because he had suspected that the child cut in the lunch line. According to court documents, after assaulting the child, Hardin then charged the student with menacing and resisting arrest.

In an even more disturbing incident, that was also caught on video, Hardin suspended another child in the air in a chokehold, allowing the student to drop to the ground where he laid unconscious. Instead of getting medical help, Hardin handcuffed the child and kept the student isolated for the entire day. According to a doctor, the child’s brain was damaged.

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