School Warns Parents of Children Snorting Smarties and Getting “Nasal Maggots”

A school recently sent home a notification warning parents of a trend where students are snorting smarties and suffering a number of harmful symptoms as a result

By John Vibes

RHODE ISLAND (INTELLIHUB) — According to CBS affiliate WPRI, parents of Portsmouth Middle School students received a note from school officials on Thursday, warning them to that students were snorting Smarties candy, some of them developing “nasal maggots”.

The notice also informed parents that the students were smoking the candy, the side effects of which are not as well known.

School officials said snorting and or smoking the candy could cause nasal problems, infections, lung irritations, allergic reactions or possible maggots inside the nasal cavity.

While there are many cultural factors at play in this problem, it is important to point out that most of this is going on in public schools, during school hours.  Most of the Youtube videos showing students doing this are in schools, usually with students blowing lines of the candy off of their desks.

This is how miserable and bored that these children are during school hours, that they will develop such damaging and careless habits as this.


[1] RI School Warns Parents About Snorting Smarties, Possible Nasal Maggots



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