Liberals just can’t stop whining

(INTELLIHUB) — Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the chorus of fed-up grown-ups who cannot stand the pathetic whining of the sore loser liberals acting like 3-year-olds just because their candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election!

The former California governor and Hollywood icon called on Americans to “stop whining” Wednesday over Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

In an appearance on the Today show with Matt Lauer, the Terminator star urged the public to come together as a united nation (because obviously there’s quite a number of people — namely liberals — deliberately causing division).

“Now he’s elected, and now it is very important that we all support the president, and that we all come together and we stop whining and it becomes one nation,” Schwarzenegger said. “When someone is elected, you get 100 percent behind and you help them.”

Even though he opposed Trump during the election, stating in October that he would not back the Republican nominee for the “first time since I became a citizen in 1983,” the actor has said he always planned to respect the winner — like any true champ would.

Schwarzenegger however is quite smug over his acquisition of Trump’s former show Celebrity Apprentice and says the president-elect has no plans to remain involved.

“He made it very clear that he has no interest in being involved,” Scharzenegger said. It is now my show; I’m the host; I’m the new boss; and I’m going to run this show.”

Well there you go, sore loser liberals. Learn a lesson from Arnie. He’s told you all to “stop whining”, to stand together united for the greater good of the nation and to rally behind the democratically elected leader — Trump.

Americans, regardless whether you like it or not, and whether you voted for Hillary, Trump will be your president on January 20th.

As has already been proven, kicking your legs, pounding your fists and having mental breakdowns because of losing didn’t do one single thing to change the democratic process, your rioting and burning down of cities did not work, threatening electors did not work, Jill Stein’s election recount scam did not work and peddling the fake news narrative that the Russians hacked the election failed spectacularly!

Learn to accept the cold, harsh reality of defeat. Learn to accept the democratically elected president. Otherwise, you might as well do yourself a favor by going to North Korea where your candidate will win every time — woohoo. Well, no, actually it’s not that funny.

So stop whining. Just. Stop. It.

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