Asteroid passes between Earth and moon orbit; 21 more to pass over next three... | With no end in sight, trends show that over 125,000 near-Earth objects could be orbiting Earth just five years from now, adding to congestion.

UK to infect volunteers with coronavirus in world’s first human challenge trial

Natural News | Human challenge trial could offer valuable insight fast

A.I. now taking drive-thru orders; human workforce in decline

Staff Writer | Just like the Terminator movies, the 'rise of machines' is here. Robots are taking jobs from human workers, and they don't give a damn.

Have you ever wondered the SHOCKING truth of what really happened to the Neanderthals?

Our friends over at Persurvive have put together a great read that explains what really happened to the Neanderthals and why...

Online enthusiasts will remotely-control robotic ‘war dog’ equipped with a gun, shoot up a...

Intellihub | Robot outfitted with a paintball gun has some fearing the duel-edged technology may inspire bad actors

A look-a-like android resembles President Donald Trump. But could Biden have a clone too?

Staff Writer | A hairstylist could be seen in the video grooming the low-rate cyborg for its final cut

Man films what appears to be an independently controlled flying ‘cloud with lights in...

Staff Writer | The government admits unidentified flying objects exist. But can UFOs cloak themselves as clouds?

Chinese Kung fu master breathes smoke and fire from scratch: Video

Intellihub | Watch this old man summon fire from his mouth in realtime: Captured on video

Bill Gates says we must restrict online ‘anti-vaccine’ information to get more people to...

Shepard Ambellas | "I hope these conspiracy theories will go away -- I don't know what this will mean for the future."

China spacecraft now orbiting Mars

Staff Writer | Tianwen-1 archives the orbit of the red planet marking a new 'space race' era

Alert: Massive moons or planetoid-like objects filmed in the Dubai sky from many angles,...

Shepard Ambellas | Some say the two objects may be the Planet X or Nibiru system, some claim UFOs, some say holograms. But one thing is for sure -- the objects did appear in the night sky.

An off-world battle ensues as U.S., China, and Russia fight for moon mining rights

Staff Writer | East vs. West: Will the race to mine the moon lead to conflict?

Russian cosmonaut films ‘flat’ moon from ISS which also looks like a ‘hologram’

Staff Writer | A shocking video captured by a cosmonaut aboard the International Space Station reveals there may be more to the moon than people think

‘Artificial’ object the size of a school bus makes close uncontrolled Earth pass Tuesday

Shepard Ambellas | Object scientists expect to be a 1966-launched Surveyor 2 Centaur rocket booster will bass Earth on Tuesday at a distance of 0.05 au

Dutchsinse: We have a new hotspot on the side of the supervolcano

Intellihub | California supervolcao shows signs of life

NASA catalogs 13 near-Earth object close approaches on runup to presidential inauguration

Staff Writer | Near-Earth objects pass the planet daily over the course of the next seven days

5 asteroids hurl past Earth today, one nearly a quarter-mile wide

Staff Writer | Wednesday marks an exciting day for space buffs as 5 asteroids make their pass by Earth

“Great conjunction” of planets happens on 21 December — Jupiter and Saturn converge

Lexi Morgan | Planets to come within one-tenth of a degree apart in the night sky

Utah DPS helicopter pilot spills beans on monolith discovery, second object located

Intellihub | Flight crew located a second object the same day that "looked literally like something you saw in the movie Star Wars when they blow up a ship or something like that."

Parasitic nanobots can latch onto intestines, deliver time-release drugs

Intellihub | The question is: Can these grippers be used for nefarious purposes?

Arecibo Observatory collapses completely at height of asteroid close flybys

Intellihub | Arecibo Observatory is down for the count, reports say

Unkown object once thought to be asteroid will pass Earth’s orbit today

Intellihub | Experts say the object could be part of a 1960's NASA rocket program

GPS coordinates of strange Utah-based monolith leaked

Intellihub | Coordinates for super strange and secret monolith leaked online: Exclusive

DPS helicopter crew finds metallic monolith embedded into Utah desert

Intellihub | Strange monolith causes controversy in Utah desert

Asteroid 2020 VT4 close approach distance breaks world record, near miss

Intellihub | Near graze by space rock affirms Intellihub editor-in-chief's March 2020 reports that we have entered a debris field in space

Scientists find “hell planet” with lava oceans, supersonic winds, and rain made of rocks

The Mind Unleashed | This brutal exoplanet is the most hellish and easily the most extreme ever discovered

U.S. Army requests drone tanks for future battle tool

Intellihub | 1800 HP robotic tanks will be new tool on future battlefields

Strange debris, rocks, found on ground following meteor airburst over Mexico

Intellihub | 13-foot wide meteor raises eyebrows of a few locals after airbursting in sky sending debris to Earth

New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake swarm raises concern

Intellihub | The New Madrid Seismic Zone is heating up

4 asteroids the size of jumbo jets, one the size of car, to fly...

Intellihub | More and more near-Earth earthbound objects pose a risk to life on the planet than ever before