Unkown object once thought to be asteroid will pass Earth’s orbit today

Intellihub | Experts say the object could be part of a 1960's NASA rocket program

GPS coordinates of strange Utah-based monolith leaked

Intellihub | Coordinates for super strange and secret monolith leaked online: Exclusive

DPS helicopter crew finds metallic monolith embedded into Utah desert

Intellihub | Strange monolith causes controversy in Utah desert

Asteroid 2020 VT4 close approach distance breaks world record, near miss

Intellihub | Near graze by space rock affirms Intellihub editor-in-chief's March 2020 reports that we have entered a debris field in space

Scientists find “hell planet” with lava oceans, supersonic winds, and rain made of rocks

The Mind Unleashed | This brutal exoplanet is the most hellish and easily the most extreme ever discovered

U.S. Army requests drone tanks for future battle tool

Intellihub | 1800 HP robotic tanks will be new tool on future battlefields

Strange debris, rocks, found on ground following meteor airburst over Mexico

Intellihub | 13-foot wide meteor raises eyebrows of a few locals after airbursting in sky sending debris to Earth

New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake swarm raises concern

Intellihub | The New Madrid Seismic Zone is heating up

4 asteroids the size of jumbo jets, one the size of car, to fly...

Intellihub | More and more near-Earth earthbound objects pose a risk to life on the planet than ever before

Meteor streaks across the sky in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio

Intellihub | Fireball sightings ramp up worldwide

Earth enters extreme space weather phase as large lurking mass approaches planet from rear

Intellihub | "... we are seeing more density behind the planet than in the front"

Killer sized asteroid discovered by astronomer just days before it passed Earth

Intellihub | Many near-earth asteroid tracking telescopes remain shut down due to COVID-19 and the Arecibo is still out of commission as asteroid activity ramps up drastically

Yellowstone extremely active, over 90 Earthquakes on Thursday alone

Intellihub | Is the big one brewing at Yellowstone National Park? USGS data shows new reason for concern.
NASA skull

NASA is plotting 3 potential asteroid impacts with Earth, Newsweek confirms

Intellihub | More asteroid rhetoric hits the MSM

Tsunami waves will swamp Washington coast, Seattle, subduction zone quake simulation shows

Intellihub | Residents in the city of Seattle may be in danger, experts warn

NASA claims spacecraft mistaken for an asteroid

Intellihub | Can we trust NASA?

CBS affiliate reports, election day asteroid to come within “300 miles”, claims “6 miles...

Intellihub | "And another thing--it's about six miles across."

ESA scrubs NEO asteroid’s Sept 22 close approach data altogether, raising red flag

Intellihub | Both the media and the European Space Agency may be complicit in the cover-up of an Earthbound near-Earth asteroid originally listed as having a "non-zero" chance of impacting the planet in late September

NASA not worried about Sept 1 asteroid approach, ESA worried about Sept 22 date

Intellihub | Late-September asteroid close approach is concerning to agency, ESA data reveals

Researcher, YouTuber, says NASA discovered Planet X in 1979

Intellihub | The researcher also claims NASA has been hiding the existence of the planetary system using an "artificial sun"

NASA and FEMA prepare for Sept 20 Asteroid impact in California, off coast: Documents...

Intellihub | The question we must now ask is: will the drill go live? Actual asteroid to make its close approach to Earth on Sept 20!

Asteroid passes above Earth at only 1,830 miles: NASA

Intellihub | Six foot in diameter cosmic pebble skims past Earth on Tuesday

NASA says Earth’s magnetic field weakening, splitting into two lobes

Intellihub | "A small but evolving dent in Earth’s magnetic field can cause big headaches for satellites"

Spotless region of sun’s southern hemisphere fires out solar flare, CME

Intellihub | CME may affect Earth

Heavily redacted CIA declassified “Adam and Eve Story” confirms planetary catastrophe cycle

Intellihub | Scientific evidence shows global solar storms, pole shifts, and planetary disasters happen time and time again

A number of telescopes, government agencies, shut down amid increased asteroid threat

Intellihub | There has never been a more perfect time than now for an asteroid to blindside the Earth

Daughter of aviator Kenneth Arnold claims father knew President Eisenhower and was shown pictures...

Intellihub | "The thing is, at 7 years old I saw the pictures on the kitchen table of the Nibiru system and how it was going to come..."

NASA scrubs data: Imagery, shows massive retrograde object approaching ecliptic plane?

Intellihub | Massive coverup at the highest level exposed: NASA caught altering and hiding image data of a celestial object

Covi-Pass digital health wallet will be required for most to attend work, events

Intellihub | The mark of the beast is being forced upon us

Exclusive: Fmr Green Beret John Moore gives absolute insider details of coming disaster

Intellihub | "They told me about the coming effects of Planet X which would be rocks striking the Earth, two hundred mile an hour winds for at least a day, massive earthquakes and volcanoes popping off."