California water levels dwindle — Obama covers up geoengineering activities in recent meeting

Shepard Ambellas | Weather terror will be the next thing to sweep America as the Osama boogyman is getting old

Not So Anonymous VPN Uses Edward Snowden For PR

Torrent Freak | While this is totally fine, since the company is transparent about its policies, using Edward Snowden’s name for their PR is a bit ironic. After all, if the authorities wanted to they could easily obtain Snowden’s IP-address from HideMyAss.

With this greenhouse it is now possible to grow crops in the desert

John Vibes | Roots Up plans to launch the project in areas of Ethiopia
musk, elon

There is just one thing preventing Elon Musk’s vision from coming true: The laws...

Zero Hedge | Musk made similarly lofty claims about the battery life and performance of both vehicles

Insect drones to takeover: Dragonfly and swarm technologies currently in use against the American...

Shepard Ambellas | When you smack a fly and it hits against the wall, does it ping? -- Are dragonfly drones a reality?

2 Comets Hurtle Toward Earth

The Daily Sheeple | On Thursday, NASA spotted comet ISON coming on strong. Images captured by NASA’s STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) show that ISON is still intact.

Statistics prof. banned by Google tells story

Zero Hedge | What did Salil do to provoke Google?

82% of Americans are right to think artificial intelligence (AI) is more harmful than...

Activist Post | Surveillance! Cyberattacks! Spreading fake harmful online content! Oh My!
us ship navy

U.S. missile defense systems rendered useless after Russians develop superior and unstoppable nuclear weaponry

Intellihub | It looks like the Russians have outfoxed the United States and have become the leader of the arms race after developing unstoppable nuclear weapons
new 1lluminati/Flickr

Intentionally shifting the mystic morphic field

Zen Gardner | Researchers found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11

EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media…...

Natural News | Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business

The Human Skull That Challenges The Out of Africa Theory

John Black | This is the account of the discovery of a skull that has the potential to change what we know about human evolution, and a suppression and cover-up which followed.

Sunday night’s supermoon first in 33 years

Intellihub News | Blood moon eclipse to be seen starting at 9:07 p.m. Eastern Time Sunday

NASA astronaut Leland Melvin claims he witnessed an ‘organic, alien-like’ creature in Space Shuttle...

Daily Mail | Nasa's explanation at the time was that it was likely ice that broke off the shuttle

Torrent Site Uploader Ordered to Pay $652,000 For Sharing One Movie

Torrent Freak | A moderator and uploader of one of Sweden’s oldest but now defunct private torrent sites has been hit with a huge damages award.

Feds continue classified experiments on humans | Programs dubbed ‘Moose Drool’ and ‘Hidden Valley’

Communist China just now implementing Orwellian American tactics, getting spyware into every home

Shepard Ambellas | As if Communism isn’t bad enough, American tactics are making it worse

Deleting a gene stops mice from overeating – Are humans next?

Natural Society | The nerve cell, discovered in mice, could be a useful tool in the fight against obesity
area 51

Do Deep Underground Military Bases exist?

Intellihub | The existence of DUMBs is neither conspiracy nor theory. They do exist
FCC censorship

FCC to provide free Internet — Like Obamaphone!

Adan Salazar | Reform to 'Obamaphone' rules could provide low-income consumers with 'ObamaModems'

Meteor-like object over Russia’s Murmansk caught on dash-cams

RT | Residents of the Kola Peninsula witnessed the fall of a celestial body similar to the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite on Saturday night

Video: Rare solar eclipse visible in parts of Chile and Argentina

Intellihub | Stunning images of Tuesday's solar eclipse: Captured on video.

Everything we were taught about the Sphinx is wrong

Intellihub | A well-studied Boston University Associate Professor of Natural Sciences told Joe Rogan that there's more to the Sphinx then our history books told us

Astronaut Scott Kelly gets questioned by flat-Earther about ‘bubbles in space’

Intellihub | Ret. NASA veteran astronaut Scott Kelly was recently confronted while on tour by a man asking about 'bubbles' which can be seen during some spacewalks

FLIGHT CONTROL: Boeing’s uninterruptible autopilot system, drones and remote hijacking

Shawn Helton | Following the apparent ‘vanishing act’ of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, many investigators and researchers began to question the likelihood of such an event happening in today’s high-tech world.
facial recognition

Facial-recognition boarding passes now a reality at one U.S. airport | What was once a dream or a scene out of a science fiction movie has now become a reality: Facial-recognition hits Virginia airport

NASA image shows mysterious figure on moon

Mac Slavo | NASA has yet to respond to inquiries about what the figure might be
Insomnia Cured Here/Flickr

Robots can now mate and reproduce

Daily Sheeple | Researchers in Amsterdam recently created robots that can ‘mate’ and create offspring in a roundabout way

Ten years ago, Al Gore warned the North Polar Ice cap would be gone...

Natural News |This story serves to illustrate how some computer models get it all wrong
day hacker

Jailed hacker Guccifer says U.S. government fabricated Guccifer 2.0 to frame Russia

Activist Post | “Guccifer 2.0 is an inside job”