terminator skin

Terminator skin: Researchers create ‘self-healing’ material for robots

Washington Post | The idea of creating self-repairing machines has been a popular fantasy (and nightmare) ever since the Terminator franchise mythologized the concept in the 1980s.

The mysterious ancient coral reef city of Nan Madol

April Holloway | Off the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia, lies the ancient city of Nan Madol, the only ancient city ever built upon a coral reef.

Apple, Google helping terrorists with encryption – Manhattan DA

RT | Allowing users to take advantage of advanced encryption in order to keep their messages and mobile communication out of the government’s hands will only help terrorists

Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

Michael Snyder | The wealthy are spending more to protect themselves from all the rest of us than ever before. So why are they so concerned about the future?

Tiangong-1 space station crashes to Earth, narrowly misses Tahiti

Intellihub | Massive Chinese space station strikes in the South Pacific, not in the Atlantic as officials originally predicted

Remains of thousands of giants found in Channel Islands off coast of California between...

Intellihub | Remains of an ancient race of giants were reportedly uncovered on Catalina Island in the early 1900's

Battle-bot machine gun auto-turret on track for production

Intellihub.com | The world in which we live is ever so dangerous

BitTorrent zeitgeist: what people searched for in 2013

Torrent Freak | Each and every day hundreds of millions of people scour their favorite BitTorrent search engines for content to download. But what are all these people looking for?
smartphone, cell phone

First of its kind University study proves without a doubt that your phone is...

Free Thought Project | Screenshots and video recordings of what people are doing in apps are being sent to third-party domains

Bill Regulating 3D Printed Guns Announced In NYC

Joshua Philipp | A new bill to regulate 3D printed guns was introduced by Council Member Lewis Fidler (D-Brooklyn) on June 12.
Alexandria K Passe/Flickr

Google’s Calico to access Ancestry.com genetic data in effort to lengthen lifespans

RT | Ancestry.com revealed AncestryHealth this month as a platform for customers to track personal health in order to combine that information with their genetic data
google information

Google ‘Thought Police’ to rank websites based on their “truth”

Alex Thomas | In the near future the pro-Obama search giant plans to rank websites based on their so-called truthfulness

Researchers discover secret military bunker under Alcatraz prison

John Vibes | Ground penetrating radar finds secret military base under Alcatraz prison
alien party

NASA openly admits alien life exists: Get ready for disclosure

Christina Sarich | William Cooper, among others, tried to disclose the true purpose of NASA, but he was exterminated.

LVMPD releases officer-worn body camera footage of music festival massacre

Intellihub | Officer-worn body cam footage shows the terrifying moments in which 59 people were shot to death

Hidden in plain sight – The global depopulation agenda

Waking Times |Chemical concoctions act as a global pandemic to further population control
bill gates

Bill Gates: ‘Bioterror is far scarier than nuclear war and a bigger threat’

Intellihub | According to Gates, there has never been a better time to prepare

Walls of ancient Egyptian school etched with words of encouragement for the students

April Holloway | The texts brings to life the education that students received in Egypt nearly two millennia ago.

Science FACT: Mind-reading technology is now reality

Organic Prepper | A system that uses artificial intelligence to translate people’s thoughts into speech
apple iphone

Apple refuses FBI order to hack San Bernardino terrorist’s phone

Eyes Open Report | The iPhone FBI technicians seek to unlock is the work phone of San Bernardino terrorist Farook

The BIG BANG: CERN to restart March 23rd, the ritualistic timing and the new...

Freedom Fighter Reports | The agenda of the Powers That Be can be seen all throughout certain events

Police soon to wear facial recognition capable body cameras

Intellihub | Facial recognition capable body cameras will soon become the most effective tool to help police identify persons of interest
wireless earbuds

Radiowaves from wireless earbuds may carcinogenic, scientists warn

Intellihub | Scientists warn: Wearing wireless earbuds may lead to cancer risk due to their close proximity to the brain.

Boston Dynamics introduces SpotMini, the autonomous robotic dog

Intellihub | Just like the Jetson's dog Astro, Boston Dynamics has introduced the new SpotMini, a fully functional autonomous robotic dog
vehicles can be hacked

Did you know that vehicles can be hacked too?

Intellihub | Today most everyone is aware of Trojans, viruses and malware, and so it will be with remote vehicle hacking

NASA astronaut Leland Melvin claims he witnessed an ‘organic, alien-like’ creature in Space Shuttle...

Daily Mail | Nasa's explanation at the time was that it was likely ice that broke off the shuttle
Neanderthal baby

Harvard Medical School scientists need a female volunteer willing to give birth to a...

Natural News | The embryo would be implanted into a human surrogate to develop in utero
nuclear bomb

U.S. conducts successful field test of new nuclear bomb

Zero Hedge | U.S. enters a new nuclear era

Chinese space station will fall to Earth on Easter, latest calculations show

Intellihub | Keep your eye to the sky Easter Day: Chinese space station is set to fall to Earth
watson and jones

Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson banned from Facebook over 2016 feminism parody video

Many others also claiming that social media platforms have demonetized them as well for their political views