The secret society you’ve probably never heard of

Another secret society revealed

Does Facebook manipulate your emotions?

Intellihub | Facebook scientists now manipulating human emotions in research studies
power pole

The day the lights go out and the trucks stop running

Economic Collapse | The way that we are living our lives right now will not last indefinitely

An entire subterranean underworld exists below Vegas

Intellihub | A filmmaker duo was warned out of a massive underground labyrinth beneath Vegas

Turkey’s Twitter ban collapse fueled by VPNS and DNS tricks

Torrent Freak | Friday's news that the Turkish government had banned its citizens from accessing Twitter was depressing but an opportunity to be embraced.
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Twitter suspends a number of accounts potentially connected to Russian propaganda

Intellihub | Unproven 2017 Russian propaganda effort to influence the U.S. presidential election prompts Twitter to suspend over a half-of-a-million accounts
solar flare

New Obama Executive Order hints at devastating space event: “could disable large portions of...

SHTF Plan | It is important to note that Americans are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of such a scenario

DHS Official: Hackers Used ‘Brute Force’ to Access US Utilities Corp

Susanne Posel | According to an anonymous Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official, the control system for an unidentified US utilities corporation was hacked into
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Whistleblower: ‘NM solar observatory hacked, Chinese may have gained control of sun weapon’ | "Remember, their mission is the master control of the solar surface and the earth's meteorological configuration -- they need to control the weather -- they need to control the sun -- and they are oftly close."

After several near misses, experts warn the next Carrington Event will plunge us back...

Michael Snyder | Most people have absolutely no idea that the Earth barely missed being fried by a massive EMP burst from the sun in 2012, in 2013 and just last month

Putin: Russia won’t limit access to internet

RT | "We do not intend to limit access to the web, put it under total control, make the internet more governmentalized"

Unnamed source: ‘USGS suppressing supervolcano activity at Yellowstone under White House orders’

Shepard Ambellas | Unfortunately our time may be up--America may not exist soon as you've known it
alien party

NASA openly admits alien life exists: Get ready for disclosure

Christina Sarich | William Cooper, among others, tried to disclose the true purpose of NASA, but he was exterminated.

Universal Reputation Rating Systems: The Good, The Bad, The Tyrannical

John Light | For those who lack the resources, there will likely be community centers which offer voluntary assistance as the p2p economy grows and can support such charity work, and already there are libraries and meetup groups which offer similar free access to help.

Big Brother surveillance — It’s not just for governments anymore

Michael Snyder | Traditionally, when we have thought of “Big Brother technology” we have thought of government oppression.
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CIA director discusses geoengineering at CFR event

Natural Blaze | Many may consider geoengineering to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory

MIT scientists are using a BIOLOGICAL VIRUS to make computers faster

SHTFPlan | Scientists working for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are using a biological virus to help computers work faster
Michael Baird/Flickrvideo

The real reason the Pentagon is “missing” $10 trillion

Intellihub | There is a wide array of secret Pentagon-led programs that are being conducted in top-secret facilities that are funded by the "black budget"
Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca VHIR/Flickr

DNA from newborn blood samples being sold for research

Erin Elizabeth | Big Brother alive and well in California

Wikipedia Outraged: French Intelligence Orders to Remove ‘Classified’ Content

RT | The company behind the world’s largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, claims a French intelligence agency summoned one of its volunteers, forcing him to delete content after the website turned down their request to remove ‘classified’ information.

FBI warns ‘more retail cyber attacks to come’

Shepard Ambellas | The FBI recently warned that small to mid-size businesses are now heavily prone to "RAM-scraper" malware intrusions capable of stealing financial data and emptying shoppers bank accounts with one swipe
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Tech expert says 5G wireless could cause cancer and may even flip the earth’s... | Your quality of life and health may be affected by 5G.

Ten most amazing archaeological discoveries of 2013

April Holloway | This year has seen some incredible discoveries in the field of archaeology – from ancient myths proven true, to evidence of ancient technology, and findings that have solved enduring mysteries, such as the death of Tutankhamun.
Surface Warfare Advanced Tactical Training (SWATT)

U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution...

Natural News | No longer content to tinker with the genetic design of crops and humans, scientists are now turning their attention to the world’s oceans

Autonomous robots already replacing Walmart workers tasks, doing inventory

Intellihub | It appears that humans will be obsolete in the future if things continue to go the way they are going or perhaps humans will be needed to service all of the autonomous robots

FBI: GMO seed theft called national security theft

Christina Sarich | Two Chinese nationals are accused of stealing genetically modified (GM) seed technology from biotech giants DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto

‘Mass extinction event’ across planet may have been unleashed by humans, scientists warn

Jonathan Benson | As go the large animals, so go the small animals

BitTorrent zeitgeist: what people searched for in 2013

Torrent Freak | Each and every day hundreds of millions of people scour their favorite BitTorrent search engines for content to download. But what are all these people looking for?