obama motorcade sxsw

Obama attends SXSW; says, ‘Americans need to sacrifice privacy for safety’

Intellihub | Obama plans to end your privacy -- all in the name of security

Why are they hosting a weird Occultic dance opera inside CERN?

Melissa Dykes | Now ask yourself why they are allowing bizarre occultic dance opera performances inside the collider itself
radio telescope

Australian radio telescope records live, potentially alien, transmission from afar

Shepard Ambellas | Real-time fast radio burst captured by astronomers for first time ever

UK ‘porn filter’ blocks legitimate file-sharing services (and TorrentFreak)

Torrent Freak | UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants all Internet providers to block porn by default, to protect the children.

‘Smart’ light bulbs reveal wi-fi passwords

Mikael Thalen |Researchers have found a way to reveal Wi-Fi passwords by hacking mobile phone controlled LED “smart” lights

Pentagon funds vaccine to counter airborne exposure to Ebola

Kit Daniels | DoD considers Ebola spreading through air a severe threat

*Video* New invention may change the world

Intellihub News | Intelligent solar roadways may pave our way to the future

Is our Universe a Hologram? Some physicists think so

Joshua Krause | It’s strange to think that not too long ago, the idea that time is an illusion wasn’t taken seriously by the scientific community

FAA shuts down flower drone-delivery service

Mikael Thalen | A floral company preparing a new drone delivery service in Michigan was shut down by the Federal Aviation Authority this week after the agency discovered the shop’s test flight on YouTube

Apple may soon hold world market with new gold smartwatch; “24 million troy ounces”...

Intellihub | 30% of world's gold market to be held by Apple for production of new smartwatch, says report

Rutherford Institute calls on DHS to disclose government surveillance program that tracks, monitors and...

Rutherford Institute | The Rutherford Institute is demanding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disclose the details of a government program

Boston Police Are Catfishing Locals To Bust Punk Rock Shows

Tech Dirt | A recently passed nuisance control ordinance has spurred a citywide crackdown on house shows—concerts played in private homes, rather than in clubs.
thierry ehrmann/Flickr

Scientists: Genetically modified humans can fight climate change

Patrick Wood | It was just a matter of time before Eugenics met Climate Change

Warrantless StingRay surveillance deemed unconstitutional, proving cops are breaking the law

Free Thought Project | StingRays now considered a violation of the Fourth Amendment
Sophia the robot

Artificial Intelligence: Friend, foe or another biblical “tower of babel-like” event in-the-making?

Activist Post | How come there’s such a push in every direction to accomplish mind control and A.I.

Ten unusual archaeological discoveries of 2013

April Holloway | One of the best things about archaeology is uncovering the unexpected. Some of the findings listed below certainly fit into this category – from elongated skulls to vampire graves, green slime, and the DNA of Bigfoot, 2013 has been an eventful year!

Why the iron maiden ‘playing for pirates’ error is such a disappointment

Torrent Freak | An article stating that Iron Maiden used BitTorrent data to play for pirates has been revealed as false, with a revised copy and apology from CiteWorld really taking the gloss off their ‘revelations’.

This is a monster: sunspot now larger than Jupiter… continues to unleash solar flares

Mac Slavo | As most Americans go about their daily lives without care or concern for what’s happening around them, 92 million miles away a catastrophic threat may well be in the making.

Green glowing pigs now a reality

Intellihub | Scientists have now somehow managed to genetically engineer 10 piglets that glow green when held under a black light

Communist China just now implementing Orwellian American tactics, getting spyware into every home

Shepard Ambellas | As if Communism isn’t bad enough, American tactics are making it worse

Battle-bot machine gun auto-turret on track for production

Intellihub.com | The world in which we live is ever so dangerous

Phone app can diagnose vitamin and mineral deficiency from photos of your fingernails

Prevent Disease | The new paradigm is one that is completely non-invasive that may replace common blood-based laboratory tests

UFO being towed, relocated by ground transport, caught on video

Shepard Ambellas | Government craft, black project, exposed

BREAKING: 3D Printable Gun Ordered to Shut Down by Government

Adan Salazar | Defense Distributed is complying, DefCad.org back up after removing file
Neanderthal baby

Harvard Medical School scientists need a female volunteer willing to give birth to a...

Natural News | The embryo would be implanted into a human surrogate to develop in utero

Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the DOJ, You May...

EFF | In the DOJ’s world, this means anyone under 18 who reads a Hearst newspaper online could hypothetically face jail time. But Hearst’s publications aren’t the only ones with overly restrictive usage terms.

Asteroid passes above Earth at only 1,830 miles: NASA

Intellihub | Six foot in diameter cosmic pebble skims past Earth on Tuesday
planet x

Whistleblower: ‘NM solar observatory hacked, Chinese may have gained control of sun weapon’

Intellihub.com | "Remember, their mission is the master control of the solar surface and the earth's meteorological configuration -- they need to control the weather -- they need to control the sun -- and they are oftly close."

How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL Are All Blatantly Lying in Denying NSA...

Mike Adams | Tech giants have been blatantly lying about their relationship with the NSA
alien party

NASA openly admits alien life exists: Get ready for disclosure

Christina Sarich | William Cooper, among others, tried to disclose the true purpose of NASA, but he was exterminated.