Megaupload Launches Frontal Attack on White House Corruption

Torrent Freak | Titled “The United States vs You (and Kim Dotcom)” and written by Megaupload lawyers Ira Rothken and Robert Amsterdam, the paper accuses the Obama administration of being a pawn of big corporations.

Syrian Internet Goes Dark, Leaving Questions and Uncertainty

EFF | This is not the first time Syria has suffered an Internet shut down. In November 2012, Syria suffered a severe Internet black out. And as the violence in the region has escalated, we’ve documented campaigns of targeted malware attacks against Syrian activists.

Netflix Says It’s ‘Killing’ BitTorrent Traffic

Torrent Freak | Video streaming giant Netflix believes that making content available is the best way to beat online piracy, and the company has data to back this up.

SIRIUS: Is The 6 Inch Physical Specimen Human or Alien?

Arjen | In the new documentary ‘Sirius’ a team of researchers studies a physical specimen that was obtained from Chile. Is the 6 inch physical body of human or alien decent?

The World’s Biggest Tesla Coil Goes Live in Arkansas (Video) | This Tesla Coil demonstration was held at the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The Government Is Planting Child Porn On Your Computer

Amber Harrison | A new virus has been catalogued, and it appears to be planting and distributing child pornography files. Hackers? No. The government is planting child porn on your computer, or so an alert published today indicates.

Intellihub to Launch UFO Investigation In Denver

Shepard Ambellas & JG Vibes | Local reporter Heidi Hemmat, Fox 31, has brought forth some heavy information to the general public after interviewing a local man that has filmed flying objects on camera.

Study Reveals Cannibalism in First US Colony

Aljazeera | Bones of girl known to researchers as 'Jane' offer direct proof of cannibalism at English colony in Virginia.

Don’t Let Patents Kill 3D Printing

Mike Masnick | One of the reasons why 3D printing is suddenly on the cusp of going mainstream is the expiration of some key patents that have held the technology back for decades.

The Copyright Monopoly Was Always Intended To Prevent Freedom Of Expression

Rick Falkvinge | When Queen Mary I created the copyright monopoly on May 4, 1557, it was a purebred censorship mechanism: in exchange for a lucrative monopoly on printing, the London Company of Stationers agreed to let anything printed first pass by the royal censors.

North Korea Pirates Spy Tools and Porn on BitTorrent

Torrent Freak | TorrentFreak decided to take a deeper look at the BitTorrent downloads that can be traced back to North Korean IP-addresses and the results are intriguing, yet expected.

Hacker Demonstrates How to Hijack an Airplane Using an Android App

Shawn Knight | A security consultant by the name of Hugo Teso claims he has created an Android app called PlaneSploit that would allow him to remotely attack and hijack commercial aircraft.

CISPA’s Sponsor Can’t Even Keep His Story Straight About NSA Having Access To Your...

Mike Masnick | CISPA's sponsors are doing the same thing they did last year when confronted with serious opposition to a terrible bill: they start lying about it.

CISPA Passes Markup Phase, But It Doesn’t Look Like Much Was Fixed

Leigh Beadon | As expected, CISPA passed the House Intelligence Committee today after a closed markup session.

IRS Claims it Can Read Your E-Mail Without a Warrant

Declan McCullagh | The ACLU has obtained internal IRS documents that say Americans enjoy "generally no privacy" in their e-mail messages, Facebook chats, and other electronic communications.

Denver Airport Whistleblower: ‘Underground Tunnels, Structures and Buried Runways Exist’

Shepard Ambellas | According to a former construction worker who allegedly took part in the construction of an underground section on the Denver International Airport (DIA) in the 1990's named, Stu Webb, a massive 2.5-3 mile long tunnel system exist in and around the DIA complex.

You Hack Me, I Hack You: Israeli Hackers Break Alleged Anonymous Website

RT | Israeli hackers and Anonymous continue their cyber strife.

US Lags Far Behind with Renewable Energy Technologies as Portugal is Now 70% Sustainable

Shepard Ambellas | | The United States used to be known as the greatest nation in the world, now on many fronts it appears to be a failure as simple yet important concepts are being ignored by our nations leaders as they fight to strip our civil rights, surveil us and impose more measures of control over the populace.

Supporters Say All The Wrong Things to Try and Pass CISPA

EFF | Ever since reintroducing CISPA, the so-called "cybersecurity bill," its supporters promote the bill with craftily worded or just plain misleading claims.

Wikipedia Outraged: French Intelligence Orders to Remove ‘Classified’ Content

RT | The company behind the world’s largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, claims a French intelligence agency summoned one of its volunteers, forcing him to delete content after the website turned down their request to remove ‘classified’ information.

‘PETMAN’ and ‘BIGDOG’ Robots to Become Legalized Domestic Hunter Seeker Drones

Shepard Ambellas | Boston Dynamics and the Department of Defense has teamed up to give the DOD's chemical and biological program just what they ordered, a life like humanoid robot named the PETMAN.

Creating a Secure Personal Cloud Community

John Light | The research has been done and the results are in: people want to share, but they also want control of their privacy.

Icelandic Politicians Ignore Crowdsourced Constitution; Pirate Party Rejoices

Glyn Moody | Techdirt has been following the fascinating saga of Iceland's crowdsourced constitution for nearly two years. Back in October 2012, we noted that Icelandic citizens gave it a pretty big thumbs up.

DEA Accused Of Leaking Misleading Info Falsely Implying That It Can’t Read Apple iMessages

Mike Masnick | This is an update on yesterday's story about the DEA and encrypted Iphone messaging.

Movie Studios Want Google to Take Down Their Own Takedown Request

Torrent Freak | Google refused to comply with the movie studios requests and the “infringing” DMCA notices remain online. Meanwhile, the number of takedown notices received by Google is nearing 20 million per month.

“Instawallet” Bitcoin Service Hacked, Users Must Now Make Claims

JG Vibes | A service that stores Bitcoin online for people to make transactions has been hacked and is currently offline, but is now promising to honor all accounts.

Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the DOJ, You May...

EFF | In the DOJ’s world, this means anyone under 18 who reads a Hearst newspaper online could hypothetically face jail time. But Hearst’s publications aren’t the only ones with overly restrictive usage terms.

Pirate Bay Proxy Owner’s Bank Account Seized by Hollywood Group

Torrent Freak | Following a request from Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group BREIN, a Dutch bailiff has seized the bank account of a Pirate Bay proxy operator.

Congress Planning To Debate CISPA Behind Closed Doors; No Public Scrutiny Allowed

Mike Masnick | Congress is supposed to work for the public, not hide things away from the public. This isn't a situation where they're discussing classified info or plans -- but merely a bill focused on information sharing between the government and private companies. Any markup on CISPA needs to be public.

Boston Police Are Catfishing Locals To Bust Punk Rock Shows

Tech Dirt | A recently passed nuisance control ordinance has spurred a citywide crackdown on house shows—concerts played in private homes, rather than in clubs.