The sun has entered a ‘lockdown’ period, which could cause freezing weather, famine

New York Post | NASA scientists fear it could be a repeat of the Dalton Minimum

New medical treatment imbues older adults with “teen blood” harvested from youth… vampirism about...

Natural News | Reports indicate that a new clinical trial known as “ambrosia” is testing the effects of young blood

NASA says Earth’s magnetic field weakening, splitting into two lobes

Intellihub | "A small but evolving dent in Earth’s magnetic field can cause big headaches for satellites"

The artificial intelligence demon is spawning

Dr. Richard Sauder | As bad as that is, for the most part the American people have acquiesced in the deep evil of the USSA government
Argentina Obama

China and U.S. to set up shop, secret space facilities, in Argentina: A race...

Intellihub | The U.S. and China appear to be engaged in a face-off to mine the moon and further explore Antarctica

NSA document reveals Apple laptop cameras can be hacked, showing no indicator light

Staff Writer | You may want to think twice before purchasing a laptop with a camera as it has been openly admitted the iSight is susceptible to hacks

8 Robotics Companies Acquired by Google in Last 6 Months — Humans to Become...

Shepard Ambellas | While times are interesting, we may want to consider the road we are heading down before it's too late

‘PETMAN’ and ‘BIGDOG’ Robots to Become Legalized Domestic Hunter Seeker Drones

Shepard Ambellas | Boston Dynamics and the Department of Defense has teamed up to give the DOD's chemical and biological program just what they ordered, a life like humanoid robot named the PETMAN.
google folder

Google has been recording your conversations and logging your history for future use

Intellihub | How to stop Google from spying on you

Video: International Space Station cuts video feed after three UFOs appear

Joshua Krause | A live video feed from the International Space Station recently caught something very interesting

Not So Anonymous VPN Uses Edward Snowden For PR

Torrent Freak | While this is totally fine, since the company is transparent about its policies, using Edward Snowden’s name for their PR is a bit ironic. After all, if the authorities wanted to they could easily obtain Snowden’s IP-address from HideMyAss.
drone sunset

These drones can haul a 20-pound load for 500 miles and land on a...

CNBC | This kind of technology could have saved the Titanic, CEO and co-founder Hannan Parvizian quipped

Obama Orders Federal Government to Triple Use of Renewable Energy

Matthew Daily | Saying the government should lead by example, President Barack Obama is ordering the federal government to nearly triple its use of renewable sources for electricity by 2020.

Schwarzenegger vows to “terminate” oil companies with lawsuits after accusing them of “first-degree murder”...

Natural News | Are any changes to weather and climate patterns and temperatures due to the burning of fossil fuels
Cell Tower

DARPA spending millions improving voice recognition surveillance tech

Cassius Methyl | Between 2015 and 2017, the Pentagon will have the ability to decipher human voices in surveillance audio even if background noise makes the covertly recorded conversations inaudible

An entire subterranean underworld exists below Vegas

Intellihub | A filmmaker duo was warned out of a massive underground labyrinth beneath Vegas

Scientists Warn of Worst Case Scenario: “Solar Flares… Will Short Circuit Satellites, Power Grids,...

Mac Slavo | Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder recently completed analyzing data from a Coronal Mass Ejection that took place in the summer of 2012.

Wireless car charging is coming

Jim Motavalli | Imagine driving your car into the garage, and having it instantly start "refueling," without your having to do a thing.
Yoel Ben-Avraham/Flickr

How to avoid Google surveillance and protect your personal data

Daniel Barker | It all seemed rather innocent in the beginning. It certainly seemed convenient, and still is - maybe more so than ever, to be truthful

5 places that are censored on Google Maps

SHTFPlan | "Military secrets blacked out"

Who is anti-science – free, critical thinkers or National Geographic?

Makia Freeman | National Geographic now has a long list of people who it labels anti-science or to be exact who it deems are engaging in a war on science

Scientists Say Remains Suggest Stonehenge Started as Graveyard

Sylvia Hui | British researchers have proposed a new theory for the origins of Stonehenge: It may have started as a giant burial ground for elite families around 3,000 B.C.

Facebook strives to read your mind, human testing now underway

Intellihub | Mark Zuckerberg wants you to be able to type 100 words per minute by wearing a brain-reading speech decoder first announced by the company in 2017.

Movie Studios Want Google to Take Down Their Own Takedown Request

Torrent Freak | Google refused to comply with the movie studios requests and the “infringing” DMCA notices remain online. Meanwhile, the number of takedown notices received by Google is nearing 20 million per month.

Google A.I. expert says robots will be smarter than humans by 2029

John Vibes | In 1990 he predicted that robots would beat humans at chess by 1998, it happened in 1997

UK “porn filter” blocks pro-censorship sites and other basic material

John Vibes | A number of harmless sites have been blocked out by the new "porn filter" in the UK, including a website run by one of the primary advocates of the internet censorship plan
Whiteness shaming

World’s highest paid CEO makes his killing from cancer patients

Waking Times | You can’t patent nature, so a natural cure wouldn’t make them much money

Tech Leaders Ask U.S. Government to Scale Back Surveillance Requests

Shepard Ambellas | The world's biggest tech leaders have written an open letter to the Obama Administration asking them to scale back on surveillance

Another human hybrid? The controversy continues one year later

John Black | What is so polarizing about the presumptive proof of the existence of an extant human hybrid that precipitates such fervor?

Science FACT: Mind-reading technology is now reality

Organic Prepper | A system that uses artificial intelligence to translate people’s thoughts into speech