Putin: Russia won’t limit access to internet

RT | "We do not intend to limit access to the web, put it under total control, make the internet more governmentalized"

Army’s new truck-mounted laser can zap airborne drones and mortar shells

Intellihub | While the year is only 2013, technology is advancing rapidly. And yes ladies and gentlemen, laser weapons do exist

Copyright Trolls Order WordPress To Hand Over Critics’ IP Addresses

Torrent Freak | In a direct attack on the troll defense blogs FightCopyrightTrolls and DieTrollDie, Prenda Law has just ordered WordPress to hand over all IP addresses of users who accessed either site in the last two years.

‘Hostile to privacy’: Snowden urges internet users to get rid of Dropbox

RT | We're talking about dropping programs that are hostile to privacy,” Snowden said.

The World’s Biggest Tesla Coil Goes Live in Arkansas (Video)

dev-test.intellihub.com | This Tesla Coil demonstration was held at the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Cops have new tool, radar, that sees through walls

Shepard Ambellas | In full violation of the U.S. Constitution law enforcement officers can now look right into your home, through the walls

Military exercises in cyberspace — Anonymous attack comes from unidentified sources

Peter Adams | NATO Cyber Defense Center in Tallinn features a fusion of modern technology with outdated cold war ideology

Why are they hosting a weird Occultic dance opera inside CERN?

Melissa Dykes | Now ask yourself why they are allowing bizarre occultic dance opera performances inside the collider itself

8 Robotics Companies Acquired by Google in Last 6 Months — Humans to Become...

Shepard Ambellas | While times are interesting, we may want to consider the road we are heading down before it's too late

Universal Reputation Rating Systems: The Good, The Bad, The Tyrannical

John Light | For those who lack the resources, there will likely be community centers which offer voluntary assistance as the p2p economy grows and can support such charity work, and already there are libraries and meetup groups which offer similar free access to help.

UK “porn filter” blocks pro-censorship sites and other basic material

John Vibes | A number of harmless sites have been blocked out by the new "porn filter" in the UK, including a website run by one of the primary advocates of the internet censorship plan

What did U.S. spy satellites see in Ukraine?

Robert Perry | What did the U.S. surveillance satellite imagery show?

Amazon to Lawmakers: Keep the Internet Open & Limit Copyright Excesses

Torrent Freak | Speaking to members of a U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Courts subcommittee..

File-sharing boosts creation of new hit music, research finds

Torrent Freak | New research published by Tulane University Law Professor Glynn Lunney shows that online piracy is linked to the creation of more hit music.

Assassination Markets And The Ethics Of Swarms

C4SS | The purpose of the Assassination Market is the crowdfunded death of unpopular people.

Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

Michael Snyder | The wealthy are spending more to protect themselves from all the rest of us than ever before. So why are they so concerned about the future?
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr

Independent Researcher: Cold regions to follow magnetic poles in coming shift

Intellihub | Theory: Magnetic pole shift to affect weather worldwide

US tests classified spy drone with ‘superior stealth, efficiency capabilities’

RT | The US Air Force is testing a large, top secret drone at Area 51, which outdoes the currently used unmanned aircrafts in terms of stealth and aerodynamic efficiency, US media report.

Map: Areas Of Probable Power System Collapse: “130 Million Lacking Power For Several Years”

Mac Slavo | In just the last twelve months Congressional members and top-level administrators at the Department of Homeland Security have warned of threats to the national power grid...

Moscow Envisions National Asteroid-Defense System

RIA Novosti | New rocket launchers and super telescopes will help protect Russia from asteroids and comets, and a new national program to combat extraterrestrial threats could appear in Russia by late 2013. This was the topic of discussion at a roundtable held in Moscow in middle March.


Intellihub News | Apparently processed foods like Top Ramen digest a whole lot differently then real foods

Cloning the future for same sex marriages!

BATR.org | Do you ever sense that it can’t get any worse?

Father Crespi and the missing golden artefacts

John Black | The story of father Crespi is one of the most enigmatic stories ever told - an unknown civilization, unbelievable artefacts, massive amounts of gold, depictions of strange figures connecting America to Sumeria, and symbols belonging to an unknown language.