Scientific Testing of Adya Clarity – Video Interview With Dr. Clement & Matt Bakos

SpringsBy Kacper Postawski

As promised, here’s the video interview with Dr. Clement, of Hippocrates Health Institute and Matt Bakos.  Dr. Clement speaks about his results after in-depth scientific testing of Adya Clarity, and the future implications of this technology to health and humanity as a whole.

The Real Truth About Adya Clarity – Interview With Dr. Brian Clement & Matt Bakos from Kacper Postawski on Vimeo.


Additional Information:

The full length article published by Hippocrates Health Institute on Adya Clarity in their magazine (Page 19 & 40 – 41):

Water purification lab tests, blood tests, and hair sample analysis reports:

Watch the replay of my webinar about Adya Clarity here:



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