Scores of fires burn throughout China: Highrise buildings become human incinerators to combat CoViD-19

Residents in China are being cremated alive in their own homes, government blames arson

CHINA (INTELLIHUB) — Dozens upon dozens of residency highrise buildings and other structures have been set on fire throughout China presumably in an attempt to contain the deadly CoViD-19 outbreak which has officially on record killed hundreds and unofficially may have killed over 50,000.

“There are so many fires in China right now,” Harry Chen PhD explained in a recent Tweet.

Chen went on to post video footage from the region.

Fire engulfs a residential building.

Another highrise burns. How many residents are inside?


“…you can tell by the white smoke that the doors weren’t welded shut,” Chen Tweeted.

Some researchers on the Innerweb found that an abundance of SO2 could mean that a great number of human bodies are being burned en masse.

More fire…

Residents panic as another highrise burns in the city.

Carbon monoxide levels are off the charts.

The government blames arson.

Military helo movements and other ground troop movements have become the new norm in the state-declared “wartime” condition.

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