Sean Hannity interviews Assange: Full

Wikileaks vs. the Establishment

(INTELLIHUB) — Fox News’ Sean Hannity interviewed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange Monday, and the full interview was broadcast Tuesday night on the Sean Hannity Show for the world to see.

During the interview Assange maintains that he did not receive any of the leaked Democratic National Committee emails or any of the leaked Podesta emails from the Russian government or a state party.

Additionally Assange said that he has never spoken with Vladimir Putin, any of his surrogates, Donald Trump, any of his surrogates, or Roger Stone.

Assange also pointed out how President Obama is very careful with his terminology, “acting as a lawyer,” when it comes to addressing the Russians and Wikileaks. Assange mentioned how Obama has not said the Russians changed the outcome of the election, nor has Obama said Wikileaks has.

Watch the full interview above.

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