Seattle man stands up to #CHOP: “It’s f**king bulls**t!”

The days of CHOP may be numbered

Benjamin Morawek/Flickr

(INTELLIHUB) — A Seattle man stood up to the group dubbed CHOP on Wednesday when he proceeded to tear down a roadblock the activist had installed in the city’s autonomous zone.

The man can be seen and heard telling the group to move out of his way as he called them “a bunch of pussies.”

“F**k all you guys–go home–we are sick of this shit!” he said. “F**k y’all.”

“Get your own f**king movement because what you guys are doing here nobody is going to hear–and nobody give a f**k about is because it’s f**king bulls**t!”

It looks like the people of Seattle are fed up with CHOP.

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