Seattle police attempt to take back autonomous zone

Police issued Trojan horse fails
Hongao Xu/Flickr

(INTELLIHUB) — Police in Seattle attempted to retake the autonomous zone Thursday evening but were forced to retreat after their Trojan horse-like operation failed abruptly.

Dozens of officers entered the no go zone at around 6 p.m. as protesters could be heard chanting “Black LivesMatter.”

The live feed was posted to the Law Enforcement Encounters Facebook page as the action took place.

It is speculated that the police may have been attempting to regain control of a local precinct that was overrun by protesters.

“The police are coming right now,” the videographer said. “There seems to be some kind of tear gas or something… they are being asked to ‘pull back’ by security officers.”

“Obviously they are not here to discuss this situation,” he said. “The community of Chaz boxed the police out and they are chanting.”


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