Secret LVMPD officer text messages revealed from night of 1 October shooting

Private text messages exchanged between a group of four LVMPD officers on the night of the 1 October massacre reveal details not previously known.

The 5X5 News channel on YouTube has done an excellent job enhancing private police text messages captured by an officer body-worn camera on the night of the 1 October Las Vegas shooting in which 58 people were reported to be shot dead by a single shooter named Stephen Paddock.

In the video published on Thursday, an officer can be seen sending and receiving text messages in a private four person closed group and the messages appear to contain major intel from that night not known to others at the time.

One of the four officers names and phone numbers has been made visible after enhancement as the video’s introduction points out.

The first visible text message is from 2:30 a.m. on the morning of October 2. The message reads:

More people involved.

I don’t think it was only from the hotel. Not with that damage.

Another text says: “suspect.”

Additionally, images of a white male can be seen displayed on the screen. In one of the images, two younger white females can also be seen. It is unknown who these people are or how they tie in and that’s if they tie in at all.

It also looks as if the words “Video Gallery” appear above the images.

body worn camera
5X5 News/YouTube

The officer receiving the messages makes it a point to show his screen to another nearby officer.

The next partially visible message in the video is fragmented but reads:

For our info only!!!

Do not Share!!!

Just saw pics of this room. Multiple AR-15s and scoped AR-10s. Lots of Surefire 60 round mags stacked and ready to go. Window smashed out and hundreds of shell casing[s] on the ground by the window.

5X5 News/YouTube

“I can’t get the person to send me the pics but the suspect was ready for war,” another message from one of the four private group members reads. “… they pinpointed him to the 32nd-floor.

“I heard a Mandalay Bay security guard got shot on the 32nd-floor and that’s how we located him,” the officer filming responded.

The same officer then asked: “Did Z20 get the kill on the suspect? Or did he 405?” (i.e. Did Zebra 20 kill the suspect or did he kill himself?)

Please watch the video by 5×5 News here:

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