Secret Service Director testifies on agents drinking and driving: ‘It’s going to take some time to change this culture’


House Appropriations Committee not impressed

By Shepard Ambellas

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy testified before the House Appropriations Committee Tuesday in an attempt to gain the committee’s confidence after a secret service agent was reported to have hit an “orange” barricade at the 15th St. and E St. entrance on White House property with a government vehicle after consuming an unknown quantity of alcohol while on duty at a retirement party shortly before the incident took place which was captured by a White House surveillance camera several weeks ago.

The incident, which has caused quite the controversy, was first covered by the Washington Post in a report which indicated that “a supervisor directed officers on-scene not to perform a field sobriety test on the two agents” who were in the vehicle in question just before they were dismissed to “go home”.

House Appropriation Committee Chairman John Carter (R-TX) and other committee members, such as Chairman Hal Rodger’s, were outraged Tuesday, during points of Clancy’s testimony, saying Clancy may be incapable of enforcing appropriate disciplinary actions for his agents.

“It’s going to take time to change some of this culture. […] But I am committed to due process.”, Clancy testified before the committee as members listened with lackluster.

“Every one of your people are carrying a weapon” and have no business drinking, Chairman Carter explained, fearing for the president’s safety. Chairman Carter went on to explain the FBI’s protocol on consuming alcohol, based on “hearsay”, where agents are told to “leave their weapon at home and “to tell their superior that they would no longer be available for call.”

Clancy then explained to the Chairman how the Secret Service has a “ten-hour rule” in which agents “are not allowed to consume alcohol ten hours” before their “duty assignment” but mentioned that the Secret Service does not have protocols for “off hours.”

“There are protocols for driving in government vehicles […] you can not be under the influence […] while driving a government vehicle.”, Clancy testified.

However Chairman Carter wondered if there would be any new “protocols” put into place “going forward” and added that the Secret Service which used to be a “legend” has now “went downhill substantially” saying “it’s a crime.” It’s “heartbreaking”, said the Chairman.

Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) then jumped in questioning why Clancy did not “learn [hear] about this incident immediately.”

“That’s what we are trying to find out”, Clancy responded, “I should have still been informed […] and we’re following up on that […] we will wait for these facts to come out.” Clancy then went on to testify, “this is a culture of trust”, but Rodgers didn’t buy it.

Clancy then proceed to explain to the Committee how he had not “seen any written report indicating that this event, as described, had occurred” which Chairman Rodger’s then said was “hogwash”, adding to frustrations.

“They are still getting paid”, Chairman Rodger’s explained, continuing on to say “it’s not working right. We’ve got to have some changes.”

Chairman Rodger’s made it clear that the panel expects “results”.

Clancy, who has only been Director since February, will have to try harder to impress his colleagues.

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