By Sarah Dee
January 29, 2013

This recent MSN News article reports that the Secret Service, the security team that provides protection for all U.S. Presidents, past and present, has been in the market for gun-detecting technology.

This technology would be able to detect the sound and location of gun-fire and would be strategically placed in thriving urban centers.

The article also makes mention of the Department of Homeland security and explains how both entities would apply this technology.

According to the article:

“A Jan. 18 request for information for the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service says the agencies are “seeking information on commercially available gunshot detection technologies for fixed site surveillance applications.”

The request specifies that the agencies would need gunshot detection for tens to hundreds of acres within urban areas. They also request a gunshot detection rate over 95 percent.”

Tens to hundreds of acres huh? That sounds pretty extensive. And apparently these “gun-shot” detectors can also be triggered by loud arguing and this can also be recorded. Just because the Secret Service requested the technology, does not mean that they will actually use it, but

The article also stated that:

“a request for proposals from companies who make detection technology is “anticipated.”

Time will tell if these devices will become the norm in urban centers.


McGuiness, M. (2013, January 22). Secret service seeks gunshot detection technology. MSN News.


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