The man’s curiosity appears to have got the best of him following the 1 October massacre

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A man staying at Mandalay Bay was stopped by two security guards dressed in dark uniforms as he entered the 32nd-floor from the service elevator.

Aaron Herlihy, was staying in room 16-215, in the 200 wing of the MGM property, when he decided to go film the 32nd-floor where the massacre was allegedly carried out from.

He entered the stairwell on the 24th-floor then took the service elevator the rest of the way up where he was met by the two guards, one of which had a creepy foreign accent.

‘You can’t film or look around,’ the security guard told Herlihy. “This is the 57th-floor.”

Featured Image: Aaron Herlihy/YouTube
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