See you in the camp!

The ruling by a federal judge puts our current situation in proper position


Our once proud nation is a mere shell of it’s former glory. When the ruling class determine that the citizens can no longer film crimes committed by the state, well, you can figure out where this headed. We are nothing more than slaves to these people. We have no rights. If we can not use our God given right to speak up against oppression and tyranny it is short walk to the gallows where a death sentence awaits our arrival.

First, you must silence the masses. There are several ways to accomplish this goal, but a highly effective way is to have the citizens train themselves. You may be asking how does that happen. You begin with a slip of the tongue and begin telling people that is not “politically correct” to use that word or say this or say that. The next thing you know everyone has bought step one of the lie. Then you take it to the next level and begin, in earnest, the social engineering. Continually showing images of an idealized world that does not exist, except on TeeVee. Before too long the masses have bought the entire package and begin demanding “safe zones”. Begin telling their neighbors how to speak what is acceptable and what will have the police at their door, killing their dog and flash bombing their child’s crib. If the neighbor doesn’t like it, the HOA will be happy to levy fines against their property and if you try to skip out, well, your digital account will be locked up until proper restitution is made to your neighbors.

Now that everyone bites their tongue and believes the world is nothing more than unicorns and rainbows living in one big mixed up bowl of stew, it becomes much easier to disarm them. There is no need for personal protection in a our new world. The government will handle it. Any talk or actions taken by someone that would show defiance to the government will be met with a crushing blow to the head. We don’t want to upset the unicorns or disturb someone’s “safe zone”.

So, hand over your pen, your voice and your weapons as you will no longer need any of that nonsense. The government is here to help and help they will. See you in Camp FEMA, District IV.

Via Daily Coin

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