Seeing the world in terms of individuals

Individuals exist in reality, groups are simply a construct of the human imagination

By John Vibes

(INTELLIHUB) — I am an individual human being living on the planet earth.

I have no race, I have no ethnicity, I have no nationality.

People may wish to place me into these categories, but i have the free choice to see the world in terms of individuals, because things like race, ethnicity and nationality actually don’t exist in reality. They are merely constructs of language and imagination that have been used historically to categorize people.

I see no reason to give preferential treatment or unearned trust to people who have arbitrary things in common with me, such as the accident of geography, or genetics, or physical appearance.

For me to connect with someone, I must connect with them as an individual. Which stock they were born from, the language they speak, their ancestral lineage and even their cultural background are of no importance to me.

This goes both ways, I do not shun those who are different, and at the same time, I do not give special treatment to those who are the same, and i do not buy into a false connection with people based on arbitrary commonalities.

Special treatment is earned by individuals who prove their merits, not according to their so called “heritage”.

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John Vibes is an investigative journalist, staff writer and editor for Intellihub News, where this article originally appeared. He is also the author of a 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” and is an artist with an established record label. You can find him on his Facebook. Pick up your own copy of his book today at THIS LINK!
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