DNA Selective Weapons Threaten Your Future

The Supreme Court has recently approved states to collect DNA samples from criminal suspects not yet convicted, adding to an already active DNA database that can later be used against innocent US citizens in nefarious ways.


By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — DNA collection is nothing new as the US government has been quietly collecting DNA data from newborns and adults alike for years now, dovetailing the information with Echelon and other systems to track and eventually control every aspect of your life.

Janet Phelan, an investigative journalist, appeared on Intellihub Radio Show, hosted by Shepard Ambellas, Friday, to talk about the very subject of DNA collection, and how it all interlaces into modern society.

Not only do we as humans have to worry about DNA collection in this Gattica-like society we now live in, we have to fear diabolic globalist visions, which likely include the use of DNA as a selective bio-weapon.

Such a weapon could fall under the lines of “plausible deniability”, and could even be used in a “racially selective” manner, Phelan explained.


“There was a Wikileaks cable released back in 2010, which had Hilary Clinton advising embassy staff to covertly grab the DNA of head officials. Now why would she want to do that? Take that and couple it with another indication…”, Phelan said; as she went on to speak about how Obama’s and all US presidents have a special team that goes around to hide the presidents DNA, burning bed sheets, cleaning up, etc., thus not letting the President’s DNA fall into the hands of the wrong group.

Ambellas, mentioned the Hollywood film “Gattica”, and how the DNA databases could potentially be connected to the selection of certain individuals throughout their schooling or life, for various governmental or future tasks.

Caller on popular radio show claims, aliens walk among us, look like the Predator

On March 19, 2013, Shepard Ambellas, writing for dev-test.intellihub.com wrote, “Much like the NBA scouts for the next upcoming future basketball star, so do globalist corporations and factions within our government, believe it.

From the moment a child is enrolled in public school system one must question just how much information is being tracked, documented, and utilized to the advantage of certain interests. Looking back on my school days, I remember that tests would often arise, special tests. This test became more frequent as I moved into high school. However, what was the true intention of these tests?

On one occasion as the bratty student I was, I begged to find out. I simply just filled in the little bubbles on the lengthy test (which sprawled out over a 3 day period) with my #2 pencil in pattern formations neglecting to put any thought into the test. I knew I would likely fail and or get lucky and pass. But more importantly, would I send a message to the establishment? If so who would receive my message?

It was funner as the days went on, I actually started writing messages and words using the bubbles as a guide. I was really getting into it.

So why did I do all of this you ask?

One thing that stands out to me still to this day is the fact that the military would actually send active recruiters to my school. In fact it even pre-dated high school. These military recruiters for the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines would try and grab the hearts and minds of the students heavily, especially during lunch hour. This also ran hand and hand with the schools JROTC program. Nonetheless I also saw literal NBA recruiters at my high school as well, as they focused on one student athlete in particular that was over 7 feet tall. I eventually started putting 2 and 2 together and it added up to 4.

Caller on popular radio show claims, aliens walk among us, look like the Predator

Now in 2013 we see why all of this was set in to play as defense contractors and factions of the Pentagon are now actively seeking hackers to enter the realm of IT security and citizen surveillance.

Recently Eric Niller reported;

Computer-savvy teens are putting down their game controllers — at least temporarily — for code writing and virus-sweeping. Call it “Red Dawn: Part Deux: Teen Cyber-Commandos.”

At events like the CyberLympics, CyberPatriot contest or just-announced “Toaster Wars,” sponsored by the National Security Agency, high school geek squads are competing to see who does the best job at preventing unauthorized computer intrusions.

This growing interest in cyber defense comes at a time when the Pentagon officials are warning against damaging computer attacks from China and other nations, while stoking concerns that the United States education system hasn’t trained enough cyber-warriors to protect either military or civilian computer systems.

Utilities, power companies, tech firms, banks, Congress, universities and media organizations, all have faced suspected Chinese attacks in recent months.

“The threat has evolved so quickly,” said Diane Miller, Northrop Grumman’s director of information security and cyber initiatives. “It really has created a sense of urgency.”

Caller on popular radio show claims, aliens walk among us, look like the Predator

The Pentagon and its defense contractors are behind these contests, which are designed to recruit kids to future careers in cyber-defense and IT security. The CyberPatriot contest, which is sponsored by the Air Force Association, has grown from eight high school squads in 2009 to more than 1,200 this year.

Now look at where we stand as a nation. Look at where we stand as citizens. The walls are caving in on us as the powers that shouldn’t be have encroached on us immensely in the last decade. Fear is now ushered in from a wave of state sponsored terror such as 9/11 and the recent school shootings.

Phelan concluded on-air just how astute Ambellas’ points are, as she then moved on to talk about the true danger of DNA weapons, “selective targeting”, and, or a “natural event”.

Basically now a “natural event” or an “act of God” will replace traditional attacks as none of this could likely be traced back to a conspirator assassin. Ambellas raised the point of how “asteroids” will be used to terrify the populace or countries that can’t afford an asteroid deflection system. Ambellas explained how NASA’s “Deep Impact” mission was used to steer asteroids.

Janet Phelan questions aloud during the broadcast, “What about the chemtrails?”, as Shepard expanded on the fact that people have speculated that the H1N1 “Swine Flu” of 2009, was potentially engineered to prime the populace with Tamiflu and other vaccinations, which later would be resistant to a future strain of flu.

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