Sen. Graham warns impeachment

‘If Obama does it again he’ll be impeached’, says Graham

By Staff Writer

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — The recent release of 5 high priority terrorists from Guantanamo Bay hasn’t went over well with the American people or Sen. Lindsey Graham.

In fact, Alexander Bolton writing for the The Hill reported:[ref]Graham warns of Republican impeachment push over Gitmo[/ref]

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned Wednesday that Republican lawmakers would call for President Obama’s impeachment if he released more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without congressional approval.

Republicans worry Obama may try to shut down the prison camp unilaterally after congressional opposition has repeatedly stymied efforts to pass legislation to close it.

“It’s going to be impossible for them to flow prisoners out of Gitmo now without a huge backlash,” Graham said. “There will be people on our side calling for his impeachment if he did that.”

More over it was also reported that Hillary Clinton would have set a tougher standard for the release and was “skeptical” of the recent release of prisoners.[ref]Hillary Clinton wanted tougher deal for Bergdahl, former officials say [/ref]

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)