Senior counter-terrorism official: ‘Travelers, women, may not be allowed to leave London, terror to blame; passports can be revoked’

Tyranny grows a new arm

By Shepard Ambellas

LONDON (INTELLIHUB) — According to reports, which read more like rhetorical talking points emanating from the UK’s counter-terror sector, as many as 60 British women, including 18 teenage girls, are said to have fled the country in secret to join the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) backed terror group known currently as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

Three of the alleged girls going through Gatwick Airport on route to Syria to train with ISIS.

Reports allege that the large group of conspiring women and teenage girls, some as young as 15, were recruited by ISIS. Stories say the all female group, well-dressed for the cold weather, waited unnoticed by local authorities, up to 18 hours, at a local bus station before embarking on their multi-legged journey to Syria.

The reportedly radicalized group of 60 females was said to have taken a secret flight originating from Gatwick Airport to Bayrampaşa, Istanbul where the team regrouped before trekking the final leg, via bus, through Turkey, into Syria.

Although it currently remains a mystery as to how the alleged group of 60 females were radicalized, or even coerced elusive members of ISIS from abroad, in the first place. Moreover who exactly funded the relocation endeavor? Strangely enough reports indicate that all 18 of the teenage girls in the group attended East London’s Bethnal Green Academy. As of now it is unknown if the academy or anyone at the academy was related to the alleged recruitment and or relocation of the underage pupils in any way.

Reported 1-week route suspected to have been taken by the group of 60 women, girls, on their way to join ISIS (Via Google Maps/Intellihub)

All of this drama, which was said to have even been captured on “grainy” CCTV cameras between the dates and times of “8.27 pm local time (18.27 GMT) on 17 February and 1.22 pm (11.22 GMT) on 18 February” as reported by the Guardian, is only leading to one thing — the countermanding of our personal freedoms as drastic Orwellian measures have already been rapidly implemented by UK counter-terror officials.

Helen Ball, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, National Senior Counter-terror Coordinator UK, recently said that free travel is a thing of the past because situations like this one create a “real concern” that foreign terrorism recruitment is a real and “growing problem” in the country.

“There’s a new police power to remove someone’s passport if we are concerned they might be traveling for terrorist activity – we have used that already.”, said Ball.

As if she is following an official narrative or script, Ball blames the new and unfair treatment for travelers on ‘terror’ — alerting employees within the travel industry to remain “vigilant” and to be on the “look out” for “people”.

She said “people”! In all fairness “people” could mean anyone.

Do you see where this is all headed?

 Evan Bench/Flickr
Evan Bench/Flickr

You see, they want us all to believe that terrorists lurk around every corner, that they are watching over us, over our shoulders, at all times — sleeper cells they call them. However the problem is that they are not, terrorists don’t lurk everywhere like they say. In fact you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than being in a terror attack, but they don’t want you to know that. They don’t want you to be able to think for yourself.

The problem is that ‘they’ are the actual terrorists, the ones actually terrorizing the public. After all, why not just keep all of the terror intel secret from the public? Why bother the sheep or worry us with the fear of terror? Why should they tell us about this group of 60 women and teenage girls — their secret desires to all team up and join ISIS? Do you see what I am getting at here?

Wouldn’t they want the information to be kept secret so that counter-terror forces could plan their next move, nabbing their suspects (if their suspects were real)? Of course they would. And that’s why we can all likely agree that this is a massive push toward conditioning the populace; brainwashing the general public.

It’s called incremental conditioning. They are slowly conditioning us. They are only doing it to terrorize the public. The terrorists they proclaim to be lurking everywhere, ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, and the likes of — simply are not as rampant as the media has made them out to be. But rest assured they [the groups] have been funded by the black budget and were created by groups such as the CIA to serve as a boogieman; an invisible enemy for the people. A small private army on a world set; a stage if you will.

On the world stage the true enemy lurks in the shadows. Let it [them] be known as the “powers-that-be”, the “New World Order”, or the “true shadow masters” as Jason Bermas describes them in the documentary film SHADE. These are some of the most powerful and wealthiest players in the world — oligarchs, bankers, royalty, and others who seek total domination. They will stop at nothing to eventually fully control the populace.

Remember, like a game of chess we are their pawns — at least they would like to believe.

They just gained another inch as we lost a mile. Tyranny here we come!

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